Small Wars Journal

10 September SWJ Roundup


Karzai Divides Afghanistan in Reaching Out to Taliban - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Effort to Help Fight Corruption has Complicated Ties - Washington Post

Afghan AG: West Should Not Lead Corruption Fight - Associated Press

Top U.S. Intel Chief in Afghanistan Leaving for New Post - Associated Press

Top Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan to be Promoted - Washington Post

How Afghans View the Quran Burnings - Newsweek

Operations Target Insurgents in Afghanistan - AFPS

U.S. Troops Charged With Murder Of Afghan Civilians - Reuters

3 Afghan Insurgents Killed in NATO Airstrike - Associated Press

Afghans Protest Koran Burning; One Dead - Reuters

Thousands Protest Koran Burning Plan In Afghan North - Reuters

Bad Framework - Washington Post opinion


10 Killed in Pakistan Roadside Blast - Voice of America

3 Pakistanis Charged in Failed Times Square Bombing - Los Angeles Times

For Some Pakistanis, Mob Violence Is Best Justice - Reuters


U.S. Urges Iraqis to Try New Plan to Share Power - New York Times

Biden on Progress and Lingering Threats in Iraq - New York Times

4 Iraqi Detainees Escape from U.S. Custody in Baghdad - Washington Post

Our Duty to Iraqis - Washington Post opinion


Dissidents Claim Iran Is Building a New Enrichment Site - New York Times

Iran Dissidents Pinpoint Alleged Nuclear Site - Wall Street Journal

Iran to Release Detained U.S. Hiker - New York Times

Iran to Release 1 of 3 Imprisoned American Hikers - Los Angeles Times

Iran Enriches - Washington Post editorial

Read the Report - New York Times editorial


Marines Seize Control of Ship From Pirates - AFPS

U.S. Marines Rescue Ship From Pirates - Wall Street Journal

U.S. Forces Take Ship From Somali Pirates - New York Times

U.S. Marines Nab Somali Pirates in Gulf of Aden - Washington Post

U.S. Marines Free Ship from Pirates - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Marines Take Back Pirate-Held Ship Off Somalia - Associated Press

U.S. Marines Recapture Pirated Ship - BBC News

United Nations

U.N. Flood Relief Official Says She Will Seek More Money - New York Times


WikiLeaks Stalled by Swedish Inquiry into Allegations of Rape - Washington Post

U.S. Department of Defense

Top U.S. Intel Chief in Afghanistan Leaving for New Post - Associated Press

Top Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan to be Promoted - Washington Post

U.S. Wants to Buy 1st Printing of Reservist's Memoir - Washington Post

Pentagon Plan: Buying Books to Keep Secrets - New York Times

Soldier to Receive Posthumous Medal of Honor - AFPS

Fallen Special Forces Soldier to be Awarded Medal of Honor - Los Angeles Times

Northcom Weighs Probability, Consequences of Threats - AFPS

Pentagon Plans Private 9/11 Remembrance - AFPS

Va. Governor: Closing JFCOM Makes No Sense - Associated Press

JFCOM Spokesman Jumps to Local Lobbying Group - Virginian-Pilot

Judge Rules That Military Policy Violates Rights of Gays - New York Times

Judge Rules Against 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' - Washington Post

Combat Game Goes Too Far for Military - New York Times

United States

Pastor Reconsidering Plan to Burn Qurans - Voice of America

Fla. Pastor Reconsiders Plan on Burning Korans - Washington Post

Minister Wavers on Plans to Burn Koran - New York Times

U.S. Koran Burning Event 'On Hold' - BBC News

U.S. Pastor Cancels Koran-Burning, Then Has "Rethink" - Reuters

Decision to Suspend Quran-Burning Met With Relief - Associated Press

Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role - New York Times

U.S. Attitudes Toward Islam Explored - Voice of America

Obama Uses Bush Plan for Terror War - Washington Times

U.S. to Mark 9 Years Since September 11 Attacks - Voice of America

Audit Finds Lapses in Federal Cybersecurity - Washington Times

Government Invites Public to Solve Challenges - AFPS

START: No More Delay - Washington Post opinion


Ban Urges Rwanda to Keep Troops in Peace Forces - Los Angeles Times

Suicide Bombers Attack Mogadishu Airport - Voice of America

Somali Airport Is Attacked With U.N. Team on Premises - New York Times

Suicide Raid Hits Somalia Airport - BBC News

Guinea Poll Head Guilty of Fraud - BBC News

Americas and Caribbean

Obama Contradicts Mexico Claims - BBC News

Obama: Mexico Drug War Not Comparable to Colombia - Reuters

Critics Say Mexico Needs to Learn From Colombia - Associated Press

Mexico Wary of Vote on Legalizing Marijuana - Washington Post

Mexican Police Didn't Know They'd Caught Drug Capo - Associated Press

Mexican Bill to Allow Migrants File Complaints - Associated Press

The Wrong Fix for Mexico - Los Angeles Times opinion

Gang Strike Paralyses El Salvador - BBC News

Honduras Deploys Soldiers on Anti-Crime Patrols - Associated Press

U.N. Soldier Shot and Robbed Outside Haitian Bank - Associated Press

Asia Pacific

As N. Korea Marks Its 62nd Year, World Is Left Guessing - New York Times

World Waits for Unveiling of N. Korean Heir Apparent - Associated Press

Former North Korean Soldiers Vow to Overthrow Kim Family Rule- VOA

Freed Chinese Activist Faces Heavy Security at Home - Voice of America

A Chinese Advocate Is Freed, but Stays Under Surveillance - New York Times

China Demands Japan Release Detained Boat Captain - Associated Press

Philippines Leader Faults Police Over August Siege - New York Times

Burma Tells Baffled Voters to Do Their Duty - Reuters


Car Bomb Explodes in Market in Restive Region of Russia - New York Times

Suicide Bomb Kills 16 in Russia - Los Angeles Times

German Banker Resigns Amid Outcry - New York Times

German Economist's Views Spark Anger - Washington Post

Serbia Backs Compromise U.N. Resolution on Kosovo - Reuters

Middle East

A West Bank Enclave Is on Edge - New York Times

Israeli Air Strikes Target Hamas Sites In Gaza - Reuters

Your Move, Mr. Abbas - Washington Post opinion