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10 March SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


US, Afghanistan Agree to Turnover of Parwan Detention Facility - AFPS

US, Afghan Officials Agree on Handover of Insurgent Suspects - LAT

US to Transfer Control of Inmates - WP

Prisoner Transfer is Part of Long-Term Agreement - NYT

US Aid Agency Prepares Switch to Afghan Security - Reuters

Afghan Foreign Minister to Visit Qatar to Discuss Taliban Talks - Reuters

Afghan Officials Visit Guantanamo in Peace Bid - Reuters

Afghans Hinder Smuggling Inquiry, 2 US Officials Say - NYT

2 Afghan Police, 3 Insurgents Killed in Attack - AP

US Air Force Sees Afghan Plane Issue as 'Isolated' - Reuters

Afghanistan Joins Railroad Era, 100 Years Late - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Pakistan Bans Main Islamist Group - BBC

Pakistan Picks New Director for Spy Agency - NYT

Pakistan Names New Spymaster - WP

Pakistan Appoints New Spy Chief - BBC

Pakistan's Top Court Targets Army - AP



Intelligence Analysts: Assad Firmly in Control - WP

Annan to Meet with Syrian President Saturday - CNN

Envoy Annan to Hold Syria Talks - BBC

UN Syria Envoy Annan to Meet Assad on Saturday - AP

UN Relief Chief Tells of Horrific Destruction in Syria - NYT

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Tell of Horrors at Home - LAT

US Glum on Prospects for New UN Syria Resolution - Reuters



Netanyahu Says US and Israeli ‘Clocks’ Differ on Iran Threat - NYT

Netanyahu Warns on Iran Timetable - BBC

Iran Pushed to Grant Inspectors Access - WP

Is Iran's Khamenei Flirting with the 'Great Satan'? - CNN

America is Still Held Hostage - WP opinion

Iran Watch: Bibi's Iran stopwatch - FP opinion

Who's Ready for War With Iran? - LAT opinion

A Third Option for Disarming Iran - CSM opinion


Middle East / North Africa

Mideast Quartet to Meet Amid Stalled Peace Talks - Reuters

In US Election Year, Palestinians Sidelined - AP

Israeli Strikes Kill Top Militant - BBC

Israeli Airstrike Kills 2 Gaza Strip Militant Leaders - LAT

Official: Toll in Israel Gaza Strikes 12 Militants - AP

Yemen Air Strikes 'Hit al-Qaeda' - BBC

Al Qaeda Announces Death of Yemeni Commander - CNN

Yemen Air Raids Kill 10 Suspected Qaeda Militants - Reuters

UN Says Yemen Violence Forcing Families to Flee - AP

Bahrain Protesters Demand Reforms in Huge Opposition Rally - AP

Mass Protest Near Bahrain Capital - BBC

Thousands Rally in Libya Against Autonomy for East - Reuters

Thousands Reject Libya Autonomy - BBC

First Free Presidential Race Starts in Egypt - AP

Egypt’s Case Against NGOs - WP opinion

Despite Army’s Obstruction, Egyptians Work to Build Democracy - NYT opinion

Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians - WSJ opinion


Social Media

Fighting War Crimes, Without Leaving the Couch? - NYT opinion


US Department of Defense

DOD Threatens BRAC With or Without Congressional Backing - S&S

Panetta Discusses US Focus on Pacific, Middle East - AFPS

Ad Campaign for Marines Cites Chaos as a Job Perk - NYT

Adm. Locklear Takes Over at US Pacific Command - AP

Kosovo Investigation into Possible Guard Abuses Continues - S&S


United States

Officials Use NYC Blackout Scenario to Sell Cyber Attack Legislation - WP

More Good Employment News for Veterans - S&S

Vets Groups Suing DOD, CIA over Secret Chemical Tests on Soldiers - S&S



Failed Raid to Rescue Hostages in Nigeria Stirs Italy’s Anger - NYT

UK and Italy Seek to Defuse Nigeria Hostage Row - BBC

Britain, Italy at Odds over Failed Hostage Rescue Mission - LAT

Blood, Recriminations in Wake of Nigeria Mission - AP

Nigeria Detains Five Suspects Over Deadly Kidnapping - Reuters

Boko Haram Spokesman Denies Link to Nigeria Kidnap - Reuters

Police, Islamists Wage Gun Battle in Nigeria's Kano - Reuters

Stopping Kony: Why Has the ICC Tackled Cases from Only Africa? - LAT

'Kony 2012': Two Sides to Being a Digital Media Sensation - LAT

In Uganda, Few Can See Kony Video - NYT

Kony’s Victims and the Kony 2012 Video - NYT opinion



Killing of 4 Youths Horrifies Central Mexico City - AP

Mexico Withers Under Worst Drought in 71 Years - CSM

Colombia: Transport Protest Chaos in Bogota - BBC

Brazil Seeks to Curb Mexico Auto Exports - Reuters


Asia Pacific

Chinese Leader Speaks Out Amid Rumors - WP

Self-Immolations in Tibet Unnerve China - LAT

Tibetans' Leader Blames China for Self-Immolations - AP

Chinese Police Kill Tibetan Man, Wound 2 - AP

Chinese Police Shoot Dead 4 in Raid in Xinjiang - Reuters

China Repatriated N. Korean Defectors, S. Korean Official Says - CNN

N. Korea Vows to Keep its Nuke Promises - AP

Panetta Says US Keeping Troops in South Korea - AP

Nuclear Disaster in Japan Was Avoidable, Critics Contend - NYT

Japan Faces an Uncertain Recovery - WP

Records Show Japan Government Knew Meltdown Risk Early - AP

Japan’s Post-Quake Stalemate - WP opinion

Japan’s ‘Remarkable Progress’ - WP opinion



Russia Set for Renewed Protests - BBC

Protest Wanes in Post-Election Russia - NYT

German Leader and IMF Chief Split Over Europe’s Debts - AP

Greece 'Meets Bailout Conditions' - BBC

Polls Open in Slovakia Election - BBC

Slovak Left Poised to Win Election, Sink Reformists - Reuters

Slovaks Rally Against High-level Corruption - AP


South Asia

India Eyes Muslims Left Behind by Quota System - NYT

How India Became America - NYT opinion