Small Wars Journal

10 March SWJ Roundup


U.N.: 2010 Deadliest Year for Afghan Civilians - Los Angeles Times

U.N.: Taliban Causes Most Civilian Deaths - New York Times

U.N. Alarmed by Surge in Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan - Washington Post

NATO Forces Nab Iran Arms for Taliban - Associated Press

U.K. Fury as 'Iranian Arms' Bound for Taliban Seized - BBC News

British Link Iran to Rockets Found in Afghan Province - New York Times

NATO Forces Seize Rockets from Iran in Afghanistan - Associated Press

Gates Visit Highlights Marines' Success in Sangin - AFPS

Task Force Works With Afghan Local Police - AFPS


Pakistani General, in Twist, Credits Drone Strikes - New York Times

Suicide Bomb Kills Dozens at Pakistani Funeral - Washington Post

Bomber Hits Taliban Opponents in Pakistan - New York Times

Pakistan Educational 'Emergency' - BBC News

Middle East / North Africa Unrest

Rebels and Gaddafi Forces Battle in E. and W. Libya - Washington Post

Loyalists Batter Libyan Rebels Near Strategic Oil Town - New York Times

Pro-Kadafi Show in Contested Town of Zawiya - Los Angeles Times

Libyan Warplanes Strike Oil Facility in Rebel-Held Town - Voice of America

Despite Government Strikes, Rebel-Held Areas Hold On in Libya - VOA

Hoard of Cash Lets Qaddafi Extend Fight - New York Times

Libyan Government, Rebels Lobby for International Support - VOA

Gadhafi, Opposition Begin Competing Diplomatic Offensives - Washington Times

Qaddafi's Arms Bazaar, Slowly Exposed - New York Times

U.N. Confirms Probe Into Libya Use of Torture - Washington Post

U.N. Aid Agencies Shut Out From Libya as Needs Grow - Reuters

Governments Debate Response to Libyan Unrest - Voice of America

E.U. Calls on World to Shun Gaddafi - BBC News

NATO Could Easily Impose No-Fly Zone in Libya - Associated Press

U.S. Stresses Next Steps on Libya Must be Coordinated - Voice of America

On Libya, Obama Willing to Let Allies Take Lead - Washington Post

White House Defends Libya Stance, Debates Options - Reuters

Navy Keeping 2 Carriers in M.E. for Most of Year - Stars and Stripes

ElBaradei to Run for Egypt's Presidency - New York Times

Sectarian Clashes in Egypt Challenge Idealism - Washington Post

Egypt: Cairo's Tahrir Square Sees Rival Groups Clash - BBC News

Chaos Deepens as Clashes in Egypt Kill 13 - Associated Press

Tables Turned on Mubarak's State Security - Washington Post

Tunisia Court Dissolves Ousted President's Party - BBC News

Morocco King Pledges Major Reform - BBC News

Revolts Raise Fear of Migration in Europe - New York Times

Yemeni Protester Dies After Police Attack- Voice of America

One Dead After Yemen Forces Fire on Protesters - New York Times

Small Protest Held in Saudi Arabia Despite Warning - Washington Post

Wary But Bopeful, Saudi Dissidents Gather Weekly - Los Angeles Times

Saudi Shi'ites Hold New Protest in Oil Province - Reuters

UAE: Emiratis Petition Ruler for Democratic Elections - Reuters

Washington's Options on Libya - New York Times editorial

Barack Obama's Libya Straitjacket - Washington Post editorial

Mideast Marshall Plan - Washington Post opinion

A Stable Saudi Arabia - Washington Post opinion


Official: Kurd Forces Will Stay Near Key Iraq City - Associated Press


U.S. Envoy Backs U.N. View on Iran Nuke Arms Program - Associated Press

Iran's Response to Middle East Protests is Muted - Washington Post

NATO Defense Ministers Meeting

NATO Ministers to Discuss Afghanistan, Libya - AFPS

U.S. Department of Defense

Africom Bids Farewell to Ward, Welcomes Ham - AFPS

Guam, U.S. Military Agree on Firing Ranges - Stars and Stripes

Ex-Walter Reed CSM Sentenced to 6 Months - Army Times

United States

Watchdog: TSA 'Cooked' Data on Airport Security - Washington Times

Obama Names Locke as New China Ambassador - Voice of America

DoS Official in Japan Fired over Alleged Remarks - Stars and Stripes

Police in L.A. Step Up Efforts to Gain Muslims' Trust - New York Times

Homegrown Islamic Radicalization - Washington Post editorial


U.N. to Publish Sudan Report That Infuriated China - Reuters

ICC Summons 6 Suspects Linked to Kenya's Post-Election Violence - VOA

Kenya 'Will Challenge ICC Case' - BBC News

France: Lack of Funds to Bring Down Ivory Coast's Gbagbo - Reuters

Zimbabwe Violence Unpunished - Washington Times


U.S. Agents Short-staffed, Under the Gun in Mexico - Los Angeles Times

U.S. Charges 10 in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Killings - Washington Post

10 Face Charges in Mexico Killings - New York Times

Mexican 'Gang' on U.S. Murder Charges - BBC News

Asia Pacific

China Challenges U.S. Edge in Asia-Pacific - Associated Press

China Vows No Western-style Political Reforms - Associated Press

Dalai Lama Calls for Greater Freedom in China - BBC News

Dalai Lama Plans to Step Down as Tibetan Political Leader - Reuters

Japan's New FM Wants to Deepen Alliance with U.S. - Associated Press

U.N. Probe Finds N. Korea Violated Pact - Associated Press

Malaysia Nabs 7 Indonesians After Attack on Tanker - Associated Press

Indonesian Court: Cleric's Trial Will Move Forward - Associated Press


Biden, in Russia, Turns to Talk of Trade - Washington Post

Merkel Ally Assails Turkey on Human Rights - New York Times

South Asia

Corruption Undermines India's Self-confidence - Washington Post