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10 June SWJ Roundup

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Taliban Targets NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan - VOA

Veiled Suicide Bomber Kills Four French Soldiers - Reuters

War May Be Ending, but Fight Not Over in Remote Afghanistan - NYT

Afghan Official Rebukes NATO for Civilian Deaths - NYT

Karzai: US Failed to Consult Afghans on Airstrike - AP

July Start for French Afghan Exit - BBC

US Army War College Class of 2012 to Send 18 Grads to Afghanistan - PN

2 US Army Officers Killed in Helicopter Crash - S&S



Pakistan Rejects US Rhetoric on 'Safe Havens' - VOA

Pakistan Rejects Panetta's Allegations - AP

US, Pakistan Beginning to Look More Like Enemies - AP

Four Myths About Drone Strikes - TD opinion



Syrian Rebels Gaining Ground, Strength - WP

Syria's Opposition Chooses New Leader - VOA

Syrian National Council Elects Kurd as Its New Leader - Reuters

More Unrest Around Syria, in Hot Spots Old and New - NYT

Rebels Battle in Assad Stronghold of Damascus - AP

25 Killed in Syria Violence - VOA

Shelling Kills 18 in Cradle of Syrian Uprising - Reuters

UN Monitors Said to Reach Site of Massacre - WP

Russia: We Will Never Agree to Foreign Intervention - CNN

Russian FM: Syria Conflict Becomes 'More Alarming' - AP

Russia 'Shuns Syria Intervention' - BBC

Russia Says Is Not Against Assad's Departure - Reuters

Syria Rebels Say Will Free Lebanese Hostages in New State - Reuters

Syria Ripping Open Old Wounds in Lebanon - TG opinion



Egyptian Expats in US Help Choose a President - VOA

Media Attacks Up Tensions on Egypt Presidency Vote - Reuters

Egypt to Have Second Go at Constitution Assembly - Reuters

Egypt: Mubarak Faithful Rally to Demand Move to Hospital - Reuters


Middle East / North Africa

US 'Disappointed' by Iran-IAEA Atom Talks Failure - Reuters

Bombs Target Iraq Oil Pipelines, Exports Not Hit - Reuters

Clashes, Air Strikes in South Yemen, 13 Killed - Reuters

Oman Detains Poet, Blogger Amid Growing Discontent - Reuters

Libya: ICC Staff Held after Saif Visit - BBC

International Court Team Is Held in Libya - NYT

Arab-Israeli Peace Process Never More Irrelevant to ME Developments - FP opinion

Facebook Meets Brick-and-Mortar Politics - NYT opinion

US, Not Israel, Should Strike Iran - FP opinion

Shift the Burden of Proof to Iran - WPR opinion


US Department of Defense

Options Expand as More Heal PTSD with Alternative Treatments - S&S

UT System Campuses, US Army at Odds over Tuition Billing - S&S


United States

For US Inquiries on Leaks, a Difficult Road to Prosecution - NYT

In Small-town USA, Business as Usual for Mexican Cartels - CNN

Iraq Ambassador Nominee Hits Senate Opposition over Racy E-mails - WP

Drug Kingpin Jailed for 23 Years - BBC

Obama: From Peace Prize to Paralysis - NYT opinion


United Kingdom

Ex-Goldman Olympics Boss Tackles Terror to Toilets - Bloomberg



Sudan: Darfur Rebels Say They Seized Eastern Area - Reuters

Ivory Coast Blames Liberian Gunmen for UN Peacekeepers' Death - VOA

Civilians Died in Ivorian Raid - BBC

Liberia Seals Ivory Coast Border After UN Attacked - AP

At Least 6 Killed in Nigeria Suicide Bombing - VOA

Nigeria Crash Comes Despite Air Safety Efforts - AP

UN Appeals for Congolese Displaced by Escalating Violence - VOA

Congo Says Hundreds of Rebels Trained in Rwanda - Reuters

EU Security Experts in Niger Amid Sahel Fears - Reuters

Somalia Sells Image of Revitalization - VOA



Mexico’s Failing Schools Spell Trouble for Ruling Party Candidate - WP

Venezuela's Chavez: Health Exams 'Absolutely Fine' - AP

Chavez: Venezuela Concerned About Lower Oil Prices - AP

Land Fight Is Deadly for Tribes in Brazil - NYT

Chile Rally Against Pinochet Film - BBC

Peru Helicopter: 'All 14 Killed' - BBC


Asia Pacific / Central

IMF: Chinese Yuan Undervalued - WP

China to Launch Manned Spacecraft - VOA

China Plans Its First Manned Space Docking - NYT

China Plans New Manned Space Flight - BBC

Guards Quit, but Fear Lingers in China Activist's Home Village - Reuters

China to Share More of Great Wall With Tourists - AP

N. Korea Denies Plans for Nuclear Test - VOA

N. Korea Denies Nuclear Test Plan - BBC

North Korea Describes Provocation - NYT

Deadly Riots Raise Muslim-Buddhist Tensions in Burma - AP

Burma Restores Calm After Muslim-Buddhist Clash - VOA

Myanmar Steps Up Security After Muslim-Buddhist Violence - Reuters

Western Outpost Shrinks on a Remote Island Now in Japanese Hands - NYT

Parsing China's Military Diplomacy - TE editorial

U.S. Pivot Towards Asia Is Untenable - TOI opinion



Russia: Putin's Secret War Against Islamic Insurgency - FP

Russia Increases Military Flights Over Armenia - NYT

European Officials: Spain Nearing Bailout Request - VOA

Spain Banks Get Up to 100bn Euros - BBC

Spain to Accept Rescue From Europe for Its Ailing Banks - NYT

Spain to Seek Bailout of Banks from Euro Zone - AP

Europe Bailout of Spain Could Cost $125 Billion - AP

Spanish Bank Bailout Request Welcomed - BBC

Left Poised to Win French Parliamentary Vote - Reuters

Europe Needs a German Marshall Plan - NYT opinion


South Asia

India Targets Swiss-based Arms Firm in Corruption Probe - Reuters