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10 June SWJ Roundup

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NATO Chief Predicts Afghans Will Be In Control by 2014 - VOA

NATO: Start of Afghan Transition on Track for July - Reuters

Obama Formally Nominates Allen for Afghanistan Post - AFPS

Filling Classes With Learning, Not Fears - NYT

Panetta Demurs on Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan - NYT

Panetta Backs Afghan Drawdown Plans During Confirmation Hearing - S&S

Some Afghans Fear Early US Departure - VOA

Mullen Praises Germany's Performance in Afghanistan - AFPS

Hamid Karzai Heading for Pakistan Talks - BBC

Suicide Bomber Kills 4 in Northern Afghanistan - AP

Afghan Suicide Blast Kills Kunduz Policemen - BBC


Pakistan's Kayani: Divert US Aid to Civilians - WP

Pakistan Army Chief Says US Aid Should be Diverted - AP

Update: Deadly Attack on Pakistan Security Checkpoint - BBC

Pakistan Orders an Inquiry After Troops Kill a Teenager - NYT


Increasing Number of Syrians Flee to Turkey - VOA

Syrians Flee to Turkey to Escape Assault - WP

Syrian Forces Begin Push Against Dissidents on Turkish Border - NYT

Syrian Army 'Moves on Jisr al-Shughour' - BBC

Syrian Army Begins Operations in Northern Town - AP

UN Nuclear Watchdog Refers Syria to Security Council - BBC


New Airstrikes Target Libyan Capital - VOA

New Round of NATO Strikes Hits Tripoli Outskirts - AP

White House: Gadhafi Government's Days Are Numbered - VOA

NATO Official: Gadhafi a Legitimate Target - CNN

World Powers Agree on Aid Package for Libyan Rebels - VOA

Libya Rebels to Receive Huge Cash Infusion - WP

$1 Billion Is Pledged to Support Libya Rebels - NYT

Panetta Says Libya Rebel Council May Include Extremists - LAT

China Plays Mediator to Libya's Fighting Factions - VOA

"US Embassy Tripoli.", in DC - WP


With President Absent, Yemen Battles Islamist Militants - VOA

Saleh's Relatives Retain Much Power in Yemen - WP


Egypt's Economy Slows to a Crawl; Revolt Is Tested - NYT

Islamist Salafist Movement Vies for Political Power - WP


In Iraq, Military Still Seen as Dysfunctional - WP

Iraq Will Ask US Troops to Stay Post-2011, Says Panetta - BBC

Iraq Shiite Group Claims Attack on US Troops - AP


US Sanctions Iranian Police for Rights Abuses - Reuters


Cultivating a Prince to Coax an Ally to Change - NYT

Middle East / North Africa

How Tyrants Endure - NYT opinion

Panetta Confirmation Hearing

Senate Panel Questions Panetta on Troop Withdrawals, Budget Cuts - VOA

Panetta Faces No Major Hurdles to Confirmation - WP

Panetta Vows to Put National Security, Troops First - AFPS

Defeating al-Qaida Requires Continued Pressure, Panetta Says - AFPS

Panetta Backs Afghan Drawdown Plans During Confirmation Hearing - S&S

Panetta Demurs on Troop Drawdown in Afghanistan - NYT

Panetta Says Libya Rebel Council May Include Extremists - LAT

US Department of Defense

Stanley Draws From Military Experience as Civilian Leader - AFPS

Ex-NSA Official Avoids Jail Time - WP

Ex-NSA Aide Gains Plea Deal in Leak Case; Setback to US - NYT

US Reaches Plea Deal in Classified Leaks Case - AP


Gates Pleased with Progress on Afghanistan, NATO Reform - AFPS

United States

Chicago: Split Verdicts for Man Accused of Terrorism - NYT

Chicago: Rana Convicted of Aiding Mumbai Attack Group - BBC

Director of National Counterterrorism Center Resigning - NYT

Breaking the War Powers Stalemate - WP opinion

International Monetary Fund

France's Lagarde Still Favourite as IMF Nominations Due - BBC


Nigeria Gunmen Kidnap Volunteers in Delta Oil Region - BBC

UN Accuses New Ivory Coast Army - BBC

Somalia Extends Government; Premier Fired - NYT

Somali Crisis: President Ahmed and Speaker Aden in Deal - BBC


Mexico Drugs War: Corruption Grows on US Border - BBC

21 Bodies Found in Mexican President's Home Town - AP

Colombia Bid to Rescue Kidnapped Chinese Oil Workers - BBC

Guatemala Disappearance: Former Police Chief Arrested - BBC

US Delegation Meets With American Jailed in Cuba - AP

Peru's Crossroads - WP editorial

Asia Pacific

China Appears to Be Moving to Halt Grass-Roots Candidates - NYT

China 'Cable Cutting' Angers Vietnam in Spratlys Row - BBC

Vietnam Plans Live-Fire Drill After China Dispute - AP

China Launches Economic Projects in North Korea - LAT

US: China Worried by Disruption in Korean Talks - AP


Georgia Threatens To Abandon Russia Talks - NYT

Russia Halves Belarus Power Supply Over Unpaid Bills - BBC

EU Commission to Give Green Light to Croatia - AP

Spain Nabs 3 Suspected of Global Cyber Attacks - AP

South Asia

India Maoists Kill 10 Police in Chhattisgarh Mine Blast - BBC