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10 January SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Afghan Peace Council to Qatar to Probe Taliban Office - VOA

Afghan Opposition Urges Caution in Taliban Talks - AP

Afghan Soldier Shoots Americans, Killing One - NYT

Insurgents Try to Storm Afghan Government Building - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Ex-Pakistan Envoy to US Denies Memo Link - AP

Bomb Kills 25 in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Deadly Blast at Pakistan Bus Stop - BBC

Bombing Kills 23 in Pakistan's Khyber Region - Reuters



Sanctions Begin Taking a Bigger Toll on Iran - LAT

US Presses China, Japan, South Korea to Trim Iran Oil Imports - LAT

China Rejects Iran Oil Sanctions - WP

Inspectors Say Iran Is Enriching Uranium at Mountain Site - NYT

Iran 'Enriching Uranium' at Mountain Site - BBC

UN Agency Confirms Iran Nuke Work at Bunker - AP

US Warns Iran over Uranium Plant - BBC

Iran Imposes Death Sentence on Alleged US Spy - NYT

Alleged US Spy Sentenced to Death in Iran - WP

Iran Sentences American Accused of Spying to Death - LAT

Iran Sentences Ex-Marine to Death in CIA Case - AP

US Presses Iran to Release American Sentenced for Spying - VOA

Iran Condemnation after Sentencing US 'Spy' to Death - TT

US Condemns Iranian Death Sentence for American - AP

Iran's Leader Visits Venezuela Amid Tensions - AP

Iran Leader Defends Nuclear Program on LatAm Trip - AP

Iranian, Venezuelan Leaders Rebuff US, Joke About Bomb - Reuters

Iran Too Close for US Comfort - WT

Iran Calls Video Games Part of CIA. Plot - NYT

Iran’s Nuclear Agenda Comes to Our Backyard - WT opinion

Tough Talk on Iran from GOP Candidates - LAT opinion



Syria Criticizes Arab League Committee Chief's Comments - VOA

Arab League Presses on with Under-fire Syria Mission - TT

Syria Leader to Make Rare Speech - BBC

Embattled Assad to Make Speech on 'Internal Issue' - Reuters

Violence Continues in Syria - NYT editorial



Paying the Cost of Security in Iraq - NYT

Analysis: Iraq's Plight Imperils US Goals - AP

Iraq: Baghdad Bombs Target Shi'ite Pilgrims, 16 Killed - VOA

Baghdad Hit by New Deadly Attacks - BBC

Blasts Hit Shi'ite Pilgrims in Iraq, 15 Dead, 52 Hurt - Reuters

Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Iraq Attacks - WP

Iraq's PM Maliki: Democrat or Autocrat? - Reuters



Egypt: Brotherhood Party Backs Off Demands - WP

Boycott Threat Overshadows Last Stage of Egypt Vote - Reuters

Salafi Leader Offers Egypt Army a 'Safe Exit' - Reuters

Egypt’s Women Find Power Still Hinges on Men - NYT

Blasphemy Trial for Egypt Tycoon - BBC


Middle East / North Africa

Peace Talks Are Discussed in a Session in Jordan - NYT

Israel OKs Harsh Penalties for Illegal Migrants - AP

Libya: Court Seeks News of Gaddafi Son - BBC

Bahrain Jails Protest Policeman - BBC

Libya's Nasty New Friend - LAT editorial


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Tries to Counter Cheap, Potent Weapons - NYT

Official: Strategic Guidance Recognizes US NATO Commitments - AFPS

War Yields Lessons in Preventing, Treating Eye Injuries - AFPS

Trial of US Marine Charged in Iraqi Killings Begins - VOA

Prosecutor: Marine Lost Control of Himself in Major Iraq War Crime - WP

Prosecution: Fatal Assumptions by Marine Led to Killing of Iraqis - S&S

Navy to Let Ousted Ship Captain Get 'Honorable' Retirement - S&S

Virtual Training Expands as Military Evolves - S&S


United States

Daley Out, Lew in as White House Chief of Staff - WP

Has Obama Taken ‘Preemption’ Strategy to Another Level? - WP opinion

Government Employees' Free Speech on Trial - WT opinion

America Abroad - NYT opinion



3 Killed as Nigerians Strike Against End of Fuel Subsidy - VOA

Nigeria Fuel Protests Turn Violent, Two Killed - Reuters

Police: Sect Kills Nigeria Secret Police Officer - Reuters

Guinea Bissau President Dies in France - Reuters



US Agents Helped Launder Millions in Drug Proceeds - AP

Police Find 15 Bodies in Western Mexico - Reuters

Mexico Bodies May be Drug Gang Victims - BBC

Mexico Rights Body Suspects Cops in Protest Deaths - AP

Mexico Says 1,500-Barrel Oil Spill Controlled - AP

In Brazil, Officers of the Law, Outside the Law - NYT

Haiti Pres Says Much to Do, Concedes Mistakes - AP


Asia Pacific

China Top Military Paper Warns U.S. Aims to Contain Rise - Reuters

China Trade Growth Slows to 2-Year Lows in December - Reuters

China: More Monks Die by Fire In Protest Of Beijing - NYT

Chinese Rights Lawyer in Remote Jail Denied Visits - AP

US Authorities Probe US-China Commission Email Hack - Reuters

North Korea Diplomacy Picks Up in Beijing - Reuters

North Korea 'in Prisoner Amnesty' - BBC

N. Korea Pardons Convicts as Generals Back Kim - AP

Acquittal of Opposition Leader May Level Field in Malaysia - NYT

Top Dissident to Run for Parliament Seat in Burma - NYT

Burma's Suu Kyi to Run for Parliament - AP



Renewed Sparring Over Scottish Independence Movement - NYT

UK Police Smuggle Fake Bomb Onto Olympic Site - AP

Greece Told to Make Debt Deal - WP

Germany and France Warn Greece on Bailout Money - NYT