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10 August SWJ Roundup

Small Wars Journal Daily Roundup

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Real Clear World - RCP


USAID Officer Killed in Afghanistan - AP

7 Americans Killed in Attacks in Afghanistan - CNN

Afghan Police Chief Kills US Soldiers Invited to Dinner - TT

3 US Troops Killed by Man in Afghan Army Uniform - AP

Three US Soldiers Killed by Afghan Police in Helmand - Reuters

Afghan Soldier Killed After Firing on NATO Troops - VOA

Afghan Soldier Dies in Attack on NATO Troops - AP

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Fierce Fighting Grips Aleppo - VOA

Rebels Pull Back in Syria's Aleppo, UN Says No One Will Win - Reuters

War of Words and Arms Amid Assault in Syrian City - NYT

2 Days in Aleppo: Snipers, Temporary Graveyards and Stairwell Beds - CNN

Crime Wave Engulfs Syria as Its Cities Reel From War - NYT

Syrian President Appoints PM to Replace Defector - AP

Syrian Rebels Driven by Religion - WP

Hague: Britain Supplying Syrian Rebel Army - TT

UK Offers New Funding to Syria's Rebels - AP

Algerian Brahimi Seen Replacing Annan as Syria Envoy - Reuters

Iran, Excluded From Other Meetings on Syria, Hosts Its Own - NYT

Iran Tries to Calm Syria Crisis as Violence Rages - AP

Algerian 'to be UN Syria Envoy' - BBC

In the Shadow of Assad’s Bombs - NYT opinion

Russia Once Again Sending Weapons to Syria - Commentator opinion



Egyptian Police, Armed Men Clash in Sinai - VOA

Gunmen Attack Police Station in Sinai - WP

Egypt Sends More Troops to Sinai - BBC

Egypt Pours Military Might into North Sinai - CNN

Egypt Military Source: 'Six Terrorists' Arrested in Sinai - Reuters

Little Sign of Battle in Egypt's Sinai Region - Reuters

Egypt Finds a Scapegoat - WP opinion


Middle East / North Africa

White House Defends US Campaign of Drone Strikes in Yemen - LAT

Car Bomb Kills Yemen Security Official, Al Qaeda Suspected - Reuters

Virus Seeking Bank Data Is Tied to Attack on Iran - NYT

Iran's Navy Says No Plan for Naval Reactors - AP

US Navy Rescues 10 Iranian Sailors in Gulf of Oman - AP

Officials: Gunmen Kill 4 in Iraq - AP

New Libya Parliament Elects Head - BBC

Libyan Assembly Votes Gaddafi Opponent as President - Reuters

The Palestinians You Don’t Know - WP opinion

US, Israel Would Regret Striking Iran - Guardian opinion

US Election Forces Spotlight on Iran - NR opinion

Bahrain's Crisis Escalates - WAJ opinion


US Department of Defense

Pentagon Wants More Robust Role for its Cyber-specialists - WP

Intelligent, Autonomous Robots Set to Change Combat Landscape - S&S

Panetta: National Guard, Reserve Key to Defense Strategy - AFPS

Terrorism Expert May Testify at Fort Hood Trial - AP

Sentencing Delayed for AWOL Soldier in Bomb Plot - AP

'Fresh Prince' Keeps Gitmo Prisoners Entertained - McClatchy

Clock Ticking to Disastrous Defense Cuts - CNN opinion


United States

Major Charity Accused of Misusing Money Intended for Injured Vets - AP

Surveys Show Tight US Presidential Race as Party Conventions Loom - VOA

The Nonthreatening Path of a Future Mass Murderer - LAT

Illegal Immigrants See Opportunity in New Rule - NYT

The Do-nothing Doctrine - WP opinion

Free Speech Protects Even Vile Military Protests - CNN opinion



Clinton Presses Nigeria's President on Security - VOA

US Offers Help to Fight Ni­ger­ian Terror Group - WP

DR Congo Will Not Negotiate with Rebels - VOA

'Thief's' Hand Cut Off in Mali - BBC

Islamists in North Mali Amputate Man’s Hand - NYT

Kenyan Justice Slapped Down After Gun Threat - AP

Anger Over 'Beard' Killing in South Africa - BBC

Sudan and South Sudan Make Progress - NYT editorial



Police Find 14 Bodies Stuffed Into SUV in Mexico - AP

Fourteen Bodies Found in Mexico - BBC

Mexico Extradites Drug Cartel 'Queen' to the US - Reuters

Alleged Woman Drug Boss Sent From Mexico to US - AP

Mexico's PRI to Move Quickly on Anti-Corruption Watchdog - Reuters

Storm Ernesto Hits Mexico Again - BBC

Chavez: American Held in Venezuela - AP

Uruguay Wants to Grow, Sell Marijuana to Cut Drug-Related Crime - Reuters

Honduras Names New Finance Minister After Scandal - Reuters

Swede in Cuba Car Crash Concerned About Driver - AP


Asia Pacific / Central

China's Murder Trial Caps 6 Months of Scandal - CNN

China: Gu Kailai Murder Trial Adjourns - BBC

Bo Xilai’s Wife Confesses She Killed British Businessman in China - WP

Fast-Paced Trial in China Murder Leaves Shadows - NYT

China Presses Offensive Against Bo With Police Trial - Reuters

Policemen Go on Trial in China Political Scandal - AP

Growth Flagging in China, Government Data Show - NYT

S. Korean Leader Visits Islets Also Claimed by Japan - AP

S. Korea's Lee Angers Japan With Plan to Visit Disputed Islands - Reuters

Drenched Philippines Shifts to Rescue Mode - VOA

Indian Man Escapes From Militants in Philippines - AP

4 Decades on, U.S. Starts Cleanup of Agent Orange in Vietnam - NYT

In China, a Trial of Leadership - WP editorial



Clash in Russia's Caucasus Leaves 5 Police Dead - AP

Russian PM Angered by Failed Russian Space Launch  - AP

Tensions Flare in France over Veil Ban - WP

France Moves Against Roma Camps - BBC

France Shuts Down Roma Camps and Seeks Relocation for Roma - NYT

Ukraine’s Language Fight May Backfire on Yanukovych - VOA


South Asia

India's Ground Realities May Scupper Finance Minister's Reform Agenda - Reuters

Nepal Ban on Middle East Workers - BBC

Opposition Protesters Demand Nepal PM Step Down - AP