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1 October SWJ Roundup

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5 Are Dead After Clash Between US and Afghan Troops - NYT

NATO Soldier, Civilian Contractor Killed in Attack - WP

Afghan Insider Attack Kills 2 Americans, 3 Afghans  - AP

Two Americans Killed in Confused Afghan Shootout - Reuters

General Allen: 'Mad as Hell' About Afghan Insider Attacks - VOA

Khost Suicide Bomb: NATO Troops Among Dead in Afghan Blast - BBC

Afghan Bomber Kills 14, Including 3 NATO Troops - AP

At Least 14 Killed in Suicide Attack on NATO Patrol - Reuters

US Military Deaths Hit 2,000 - AP



Syria Rebels Practice Patience in the Fight for Damascus - LAT

Syrian Forces Shell Rebel Strongholds in East Damascus - Reuters

Battles Rage in Syria's Aleppo for Third Day - VOA

Suicide Car Bomb Strikes Syrian Kurdish-Area - VOA

Regime Bombing of Syrian Town Kills at Least 12 - AP

In Syrian Shadow, Iraq's Maliki Juggles Tehran, Washington - Reuters

Yemeni Soldiers 'Seized in Syria' - BBC

Militant Group Says It Captured Officers Sent by Yemen - Reuters

Bashar al-Assad 'Betrayed Gaddafi to Save Syrian Regime' - TT



Bomb Attacks Kill 32 Across Iraq - VOA

Deadly Bomb Blasts Strike Iraq - BBC

Another Wave of Bombings Across Iraq - AP



US May Have Put Mistaken Faith in Libya Site’s Security - NYT

Lax Security at US Consulate in Libya Faulted in Fatal Attack - S&S

As Candidates Drill for Debates, More Jousting on Libya - NYT


Middle East / North Africa

White House: Obama, Netanyahu Agree on Iran - VOA

Iran Court Finds Reuters Journalist Guilty of ‘Spreading Lies’ - AP

Iran Restores Access to Gmail - AP


Iran's News Agency Apologizes for Onion Gaffe - TT

Palestinian Authority Aims to Securitize $200 Million of Debt - Reuters

Millions Are Facing Food Crisis in Yemen, UN Agency Says - Reuters

Bahrain Medics' Appeal Rejected - BBC

Bahrain Court Upholds Sentences for 9 Medics - AP

Saudi Arabia Sees Rare Protests - USAT

Egypt's Top Military Commander Promises Army Overhaul - Reuters

Egypt Signs $1 Billion Turkish Loan Deal - Reuters

Libyans Turn in Arms in Collection Push - VOA

Waiting for an Arab Spring of Ideas - NYT opinion

Muslim Rage Is About Politics, Not Religion - Newsweek opinion


United States

Official: MRAPs Made Difference in Wars - USAT

US Presidential Campaigns Spar on Foreign Policy - VOA

Cyber-Attacks on 6 US Banks Frustrate Customers - NYT

Many Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Choosing 'Second Service' - AP

Minn. Trial Could Expose Terror Group Recruiting - AP

2 Dead, 1 Wounded After Shooting at Fla. VFW - AP



Canada Says It Took Gitmo Detainee Early After US Pressure - Reuters

Youngest Inmate Leaves Guantanamo - BBC

Former Gitmo Detainee Longs to Be Normal Canadian - AP



As Kenya Presses Militants Across Border, Church Attacked Back Home - NYT

Kenya Church Grenade Attack Kills Child, Wounds Others - VOA

Deadly Kenya Sunday School Attack - BBC

Two Kenyan Police Shot Dead Near Somalia Border - Reuters

Kenya Court to Rule on Diaspora Vote - VOA

South Sudan Violence Hits MSF Aid - BBC

South Africa Shooting Probe Opens - BBC



Venezuela: Youth Could Decide if Chavez Remains in Power - WP

Venezuela: Chavez Rival in Big Caracas Rally - BBC

2 Supporters of Challenger Killed as Venezuela’s Election Nears - NYT

Third Person Dead From Venezuela Election Shooting - Reuters

Fatal Shooting Mars Venezuela Election Campaign - AP

Venezuela Opposition Mourns Slaying of Capriles Activists - Reuters

Chavez to Obama: I'd Vote for You, and You for Me - Reuters

Plan for Charter City to Fight Honduras Poverty Loses Its Initiator - NYT

Chile's Pinera Presents Education-Heavy 2013 Budget Bill - Reuters

Mexico’s Truth, from Mr. Calderon - WP editorial

Argentina’s Press Under Fire - WP opinion


Asia / Pacific

Tibetan Self-Immolates in China Prompting Security Clampdown - VOA

Disgraced Chinese Official’s Son Defends Him - NYT

Japan PM Noda Names New Ministers - BBC

Japan PM Reshuffles Cabinet to Boost Support - AP

Japan: Ospreys Fly to US Base on Okinawa Despite Protests - AP

Japan: US Ospreys Move to Okinawa Base - BBC

Grenade Attack on Fair in Thailand Wounds 30 - AP

Supporters Cry Foul as Cambodia Rights Activist Gets 20 Years - Reuters

Divided Town Challenges Burma's Democracy Hopes - AP

What China Can Learn from Romney-Obama - TG opinion

The Burmese Odd Couple - NYT opinion



Georgia Set for Important Parliamentary Vote - VOA

Georgia Leader Faces Ballot Test - BBC

Fearing Rigged Vote, Georgians Prepare for Elections - NYT

Georgia's Saakashvili Challenged in Parliamentary Vote - Reuters

Factbox: Georgia's Parliamentary Election - Reuters

Russian Region Clamps Down - WP

Right-Wing Extremists’ Popularity Rising Rapidly in Greece - NYT

Greek Gov't to Submit Draft Budget to Parliament - AP

Market Lukewarm Over Spain Austerity Measures - AP

In Italy, a Comedian is Getting the Last Laugh - WP

France's Hollande Faces Street Protest Over EU Fiscal Pact - Reuters

Seeking Return of Art, Turkey Jolts Museums - NYT

A Deeply Polarizing Election in Georgia - WP opinion

Why the Stakes Are So High in Georgia - TA opinion


South Asia

Pakistan: In Twist, Muslims Accused of Blasphemy - AP

New Protests Against anti-Islam Film in Pakistan - AP

Officials: US Drone Kills 2 in Northwest Pakistan - AP

Ex-Wrestler Props Up India's PM, but He May Want the Job - Reuters

Muslims Torch Buddhist Temples, Homes in Bangladesh - VOA

Bangladeshi Muslims Torch Buddhist Temples, Homes - AP

Bangladesh Vows to Protect Buddhists After Attacks - AP