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1 December SWJ Roundup

US Naval Institute Daily - USNI

Real Clear World - RCP


Elite Marine Role in Afghanistan Key to 2014 Exit - AP

Marines Show US Institutions to Afghan Officials - AP

Study Shows Gains in Afghan Health - VOA

3 Afghan Policemen Die in Roadside Bombing - AP

Acid Sprayed over Afghan Family - BBC

ISAF Operations Summary - AFPS



Obama Refrains From a Formal ‘I’m Sorry’ to Pakistan - NYT

US Denies NATO Attack on Pakistani Troops Deliberate - Reuters

NATO: Pakistan Resumes Some Cooperation - AP

Pakistan Dismisses Calls to Attend Afghan Conference - VOA

Pakistan: NATO Attack Could Hurt War on Terror - Reuters

Pakistan Drops BBC World News - VOA

Bomb Targets Official in Peshawar - Reuters



Joint Statement Affirms Strong US-Iraq Partnership - AFPS

Biden, Maliki Hail ‘New Phase’ in US-Iraq Relations - WP

Biden Sees ‘New Path’ after US Pullout - WT

Talks on Iraq NATO Mission Stall Over Immunity - AP

Iraq Mulling US Bid to Keep Custody of Detainee - Reuters

Iraqi Market Bomb Attack Kills 10 - BBC

Bomb Blast Kills 10, Wounds 25 in Iraqi Town - Reuters

Gunmen Kill 7 at Home of Iraq Sunni Militia Leader - AP



Britain Increases Pressure on Iran After Attacks - VOA

Britain Shuts its Tehran Embassy, Expels Iran's Diplomats - LAT

Britain Orders Iran's Diplomats to Leave UK - AP

Iran Likely to Dominate EU Talks - BBC

Britain, EU to Intensify Pressure on Iran - Reuters

Iran’s Isolation Could Complicate Nuclear Issue - NYT

US Uncertain Israel Would Advise Before Iran Strike - Reuters

Iran Faces Increased Isolation - WP

The Shadow War Against Iran - WT editorial

The Iran Threat - LAT opinion



Egyptians Await Poll Results; Islamists Claim Lead - VOA

Early Results in Egypt Show a Mandate for Islamists - NYT

Muslim Brotherhood Claims Strong Showing in Elections - WP

Egyptians Await Poll Results, Islamists See Gains - Reuters

Egypt's Islamists Stress Pragmatism - VOA

Islamists on Collision Course With Military After Vote - Bloomberg

Egypt’s Christians Prepare for New Political Climate - NYT


Israel / Palestinians

US Uncertain Israel Would Advise Before Iran Strike - Reuters

Palestinians to Receive Payments, Israel Says - NYT

Israel to Release Funds to Palestinians - WP

Released Palestinians Build Houses, Marry, Study - AP


Middle East / North Africa

Saudis Accused of New Repression - BBC

Syria Frees Prisoners, Continues Crackdown - VOA

Yemeni Forces Shell City of Taiz, 3 Killed - Reuters

Islamist Parties and Democracy - WP editorial

Next for the Arab Spring - WP opinion

Bahrain, a Vital US Ally - WT opinion


US Department of Defense

Panetta ‘Doomsday’ Scenario May Exaggerate Cuts - Bloomberg

Panetta Urges Leaders to Make Tough Choices - AFPS

Dempsey Shares Troops' Budget Anxiety, Urges Patience - AFPS

For Marine, A Rush to Judgment and Belated Vindication - WT

Judge Won't Step Down in Fort Hood Shooting Case - AP

Flawed Army Future Combat Systems a Costly Lesson - Bloomberg

US Army Orders Carl-Gustaf 84mm Recoilless Rifles - MT

Air Force to Extend Mission of Unmanned Space Plane - LAT

Inside the Ring - WT


United States

Cybersecurity Bill Raises Privacy Concerns - WP

Overloaded VA Should Seek Outside Help for Mental Health Care - S&S

‘Occupy’ Protesters Evicted in Two Cities - NYT

Foreign Aid Is Not a Rathole - NYT opinion

War on Terror Doesn’t Justify Retreat on Rights - WT opinion


United Kingdom

Britain Becomes Even More Wary of Unity - WP

Spy Center Seeking Code Breakers - BBC



Canadian Removed From UN Terrorist Blacklist - AP



New Zealand Cleanest Gov’t; N. Korea, Somalia Most Corrupt - NYT

Watchdog: Corruption Ignited This Year's Protests - AP

Global Corruption Index Reflects Arab Spring Unrest - Reuters



African Delegates Demand Immediate Action at Climate Conference - VOA

AU, Carter Center Urge Congolese to Accept Vote Results - VOA

Africa Observers Hail Congo Polls - BBC

Opposition Candidates Call on Congo to Annul Vote - AP

Nigerian Terrorists Pose Threat to US - WT

Congo's Kamerhe Withdraws Call to Annul Elections - Reuters

Ivory Coast Ex-Leader Charges Revealed - BBC

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo's ICC Court Appearance Set for Monday - Reuters

Somali Pirates Release Singaporean Tanker, Keep 4 Hostages - VOA

Somali Pirates Jailed in France - BBC



US-Mexico Border: Tunnel Yields 32 Tons of Pot - WP

Latest Mexico Border Tunnel May Have Stamp of Sinaloa - LAT

'Major' Tunnel Found on US-Mexico Border - BBC

Local Officials Reprimanded in Mexico Slaying Case - AP

Honduran Army Assumes Police Role - BBC

US Cleric: American Jailed in Cuba in Good Spirits - AP

Jamaica Gov't Minister Resigns Amid Investigations - AP

Tensions Rise in Guyana as Vote Counting Drags On - AP


Asia Pacific

China Military Condemns US-Australia Military Pact - AP

China, SEA Neighbors to Patrol Golden Triangle - Reuters

Taiwanese Youth Losing Taste for China Fight - AP

Inflation Fears Easing, China Turns to Lifting Growth - NYT

Burmese President Welcomes "Historic" Clinton Visit - VOA

Burma Hails 'New Chapter' with US - BBC

Greeted Quietly, Clinton Arrives in Burma - NYT

Landmark Clinton Visit to Burma Includes Weapons Concern - LAT

Clinton Focusing on Reforms in Burma - WP

Clinton Tests Reforms on Historic Visit to Burma - AP

US Wants Burma to Deepen Changes - Reuters

In Burma Countryside, Reforms Bring Little Relief - NYT

Study Shows Worse Picture of Meltdown in Japan - NYT

Study Shows Deeper Meltdown at Japan Nuke Reactor - AP


Central Asia

Atambayev Inaugurated as Kyrgyzstan’s President - VOA

Kyrgyzstan Swears in Its New President - AP



European Finance Ministers Look to Strengthen EU Rules - NYT

Central Banks Move as Europe Crisis Deepens - WP

Money Flows, but What Euro Zone Lacks Is Glue - NYT

Russia Targets US-Linked Election Watchdog - WP

Watchdog Complains of Pressure on Russian Voters - AP

Political Standoff Escalates in South Ossetia Over Vote - NYT

Subway Bombers in Belarus Sentenced to Death - AP

Greeks Hold First Major Strike Under New Government - Reuters

Italy Judge, Politician, Cop Nabbed in Mob Arrests - AP


South Asia

India: World's Biggest Democracy, Parliament Doesn't Work - Reuters

India Traders Strike over Reforms - BBC

Buddhists Choose India over China - WP