Voice of America

Voice of America (VOA) is the official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government. VOA provides programming for broadcast on radio, TV, and the Internet outside of the U.S., in English and some foreign languages.

"With just two moves, Russia may have upended the U.S. role in the Middle East."

"Some analysts aren't buying Russia’s explanation and cite a variety of reasons why they believe Russia is in Syria for the long haul."

"A senior State Department official said Saturday that the U.S. was concerned about the Islamic State group’s efforts to try to establish a stronghold in Afghanistan."

"A State Department official says there has been a 'sharp decline' in the volume of Islamic State messages on social media in the last few months."

"Colombia's president and FARC rebels reached a major breakthrough late Wednesday in the effort to end more than 50 years of bloodshed."

"Afghanistan's government says it has undertaken 'serious measures' to enforce the law and prevent sexual abuse committed by local police commanders against children."