USA Today

USA Today is a national American daily middle-market newspaper published by the Gannett Company. It was founded by Al Neuharth on September 15, 1982. The newspaper vies with The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for the position of having the widest circulation of any newspaper in the United States.

“For many Americans, it seems better to deal only with the most urgent crises, sending our forces to surgically clean things up and return home.”

“As tensions rise in several regions, possibly leading to new US involvement in Afghanistan and other combat operations, it’s worth pausing to truly consider who fights our wars.”

"Military chiefs are prepared to give President-elect Donald Trump the options he wants to intensify the fight against the Islamic State."

The latest concerning the Army’s Human Terrain System, now renamed the Global Cultural Knowledge Network.

“There is reason to believe that James Mattis would represent a desperately needed voice of reason in the Trump administration's national security team.”

“Driving Islamic State fighters out of Iraq's second largest city is only part of the job.”