Thomas Doherty

Thomas Doherty has served in both the enlisted and officer ranks in both the National Guard and active duty Army. He was originally commissioned through the Arkansas National Guard OCS program and his most recent commission was via a direct commission. He has served in four military occupational specialties 11B, 15D, 18D, and 68W. His enlisted time includes service in 3rd Ranger Battalion, and 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). His commissioned service time includes:  platoon leader, anti-armor platoon; platoon leader, long range surveillance platoons, OC/T at JRTC. He has deployed to Colombia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Currently he is serving as a Special Forces officer.

The Army continues to debate the use of the term Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance. This debate was triggered when ISR became a synonym for Unmanned Arial Surveillance.

Rebuilding our special reconaissance capability.

Developed to streamline and expedite the orders process, the CONOP has forced leaders to expend time, effort and energy to push the CONOP through the approval process from the lowest to the highest...