The Hill

The Hill is a non-partisan American political newspaper published in Washington, D.C. since 1994.  It is owned by News Communications, Inc., which is owned by Capitol Hill Publishing, Chairman James A. Finkelstein. Focusing on the intersection of politics, policy, business and international relations, The Hill coverage includes Congress, the White House and federal campaigns. It has policy verticals on Cybersecurity, Defense, Energy & Environment, Finance, Healthcare, National Security, Technology, and Transportation.

"I am an enormous admirer of Jim Mattis, Michèle Flournoy, CEO of think tank Center for a New American Security, said on MSNBC about the current Defense secretary.”

“Daesh fighters are dedicated jihadists. Some will die fighting, but others will try to slip away for the next battle. We have to track them down, cell by cell.”

"For any military official to blame Trump for the raid’s technical and operational problems is as unacceptable as it is factually untrue."

"Many critics have focused on the downsides of alliances and have lost sight of what allies and coalition partners contribute to American interests."

"The Pentagon faces major challenges ahead in 2016 as it works to make good on a pledge to open all U.S. military combat jobs to women."

"The raid to free captives held by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is bringing up uncomfortable questions for the Obama administration."