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“It wasn’t that long ago that the Pentagon was talking about taking down ISIS’s strongholds ASAP. Now, victory might not come until late 2018. Maybe.”

“When Carter promised an assault on ISIS’s capital in ‘weeks,’ the Pentagon reacted with a collective WTF. Officials say an attack is more like six months off.”

“Four days ago, the U.S. Defense Secretary was predicting a ‘lasting defeat’ of ISIS. Now, a top general is warning that the terror group is preparing for a guerrilla war.”

"But hope, as the old military saw goes, is not a plan."

“There is no desire to end the war in Afghanistan. There is a desire to… make it a problem for the next administration,” one defense official tells The Daily Beast.

"The sudden rise in ISIS attacks, U.S. officials believe, signals that the terror group no longer is committed to territorial expansion."