Russell W. Glenn

Dr. Russell Glenn serves as Director, Plans and Policy; Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2; U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. He is author of the recently published Rethinking Western Approaches to Counterinsurgency and author/editor of the forthcoming Trust and Leadership: The Australian Army Approach to Mission Command due out in 2018 as part of the Association of the United States Army book program.

One of the authors of this article previously proposed an alternative definition that recognizes the need to consider more than fires and movement alone.

Maneuver in the sense recommended in this article involves only two fundamental elements: the application of capabilities to gain advantage with respect to one or more mission-relevant parties.

In 2008 over half of the world's population lived in urban areas - at that point more of earth’s residents lived in built-up areas than there were people in the world forty years before.

Megacities are sure to challenge every member of a coalition. How these urban areas might do so in the intelligence realm in the near future is the primary focus of this offering.