Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy graduated from The Citadel with degrees in History and French. He graduated from the US Army’s Advanced Military Studies program, commanded an infantry company in combat, and served as the special assistant to the Commanding General, US Army Europe. He is a professional strategist.

One of the most essential, neglected elements of our national power remains untouched.

European Union ambitions for a military force distinct from NATO are absurd. The list of challenges to forming such a force are legion.

It seems audaciously optimistic that America would only apply a larger Army against the problems our military leaders want it applied against.

America must take better advantage of its security structure and change the status quo of being the world’s first line of defense.

“Paper Tiger (noun): one that is outwardly powerful or dangerous but inwardly weak or ineffectual”

America’s approach to the threat of global terror has been one dimensional and strategically ineffective.