Morgan Smiley

Morgan Smiley is an active duty Army officer currently serving as an advisor to a mechanized infantry battalion of the Saudi Arabian National Guard.  His previous assignments include advisor to Iraqi security forces and to Afghan security forces.<

The recent National Security Strategy (NSS) as well as events unfolding in Iraq may point the way for what we will see in the years to come and how we can expect to deal with it.

The Pacific may be the preferred focus of the US government, but the Middle East seems to be the preferred focus of US industry.  Perhaps there is something to the maxim “Business is war...

Like it or not, we are the modern equivalent of the empire upon which the sun never sets with the responsibilities that go with it.

 An Army sized for the pre-9/11 two-war strategy makes little sense.

Morgan Smiley recommends that we convince the Afghan government to raise a limited number of Afghan units led by US Soldiers.

Some disruptive thoughts on future defense initiatives from Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.