Georgetown Security Studies Review

Georgetown Security Studies Review (GSSR) is the official academic review of Georgetown University’s Center for Security Studies. Our mission is to contribute to security policy debates by exposing both specialists and general interest readers to a wide array of perspectives on both current and historical international affairs issues. In addition to full-length peer-reviewed articles, issues of GSSR feature literature reviews, letters to the editors, and op-ed pieces.

“The raid demonstrates the serious risks associated with conducting such a mission with limited on-the-ground intelligence and cooperation with Yemeni forces.”

Terrorism and counterterrorism issues discussed in a seminal conference co-hosted by Georgetown University and the University of St Andrews-Scotland.

"The new initiative seeks to fill some of the gaps in social media and tech companies’ policies toward online extremism."

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"The Pakistani armed forces claim to have entered the decisive phase in their counterinsurgency operations against the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan."