Ehsan Ahrari

Ehsan Ahrari is an Adjunct Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College, Carlisle, PA, and the CEO of Strategic Paradigms, an Alexandria, VA-based foreign and defense policy consultancy. He specializes in Great Power relations, Strategic affairs of the world of Islam, and anti-terrorism. His website is: He can be reached at: Views contained in this essay are strictly private.

No one—unless he/she sits inside the Oval Office for only a few days—has any clue how different the world looks as an occupant of the White House.

As the United States is eagerly, if not desperately, trying to build its anti-Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS) coalition, Iran is increasingly appearing to be an important potential player in that arrangement.

The Levant increasingly appears a place where anarchy might be the only order of the day unless a number of anti-ISIS actors come up with a plan to destroy that entity.

Is President Obama breaking his frequently iterated promise of no troops on the ground, or is it just a crucial tactical adjustment?

If Netanyahu wanted to minimize, if not kill, the chances of a deal that is acceptable to the United States and Iran, he may have succeeded.