Dean Shumate

Dr. Dean Shumate is a warrior-scholar who studies insurgencies and conflicts. His doctoral dissertation was a historical comparative case study of 8 insurgencies over 70 years titled Who Lives There: The Role of Embedded Troops in Counter-Insurgency Operations. He serves as a Policy and Procurement Advisor with the Department of Energy located at Argonne National Laboratory. He has over 17 years of military service within the Armed Forces Reserve/National Guard; serving in a variety of positions from Aero-Medical Evacuation, the Joint Communications Support Element, and the Air Force Academy Prep School.

Our leaders do not seem to understand insurgencies. Most of our approaches are ineffective, if not counterproductive. Too many lives have been lost due to ignorance and carelessness.

Although the military must be prepared to fight a conventional state on state conflict, it is an insurgency that the United States Government is more likely to confront.