Dave Betz

Dave Betz was assigned to 5th SFG (A) and served as the Senior Weapons Sergeant, Intelligence Sergeant, Operations Sergeant, First Sergeant, S-3 SGM and Company SGM.  He was the Senior Enlisted Advisor for USSOCOM Spe­­cial Operations Knowledge and Futures, CSM for 1/5 SFG (A), SOTF-North Iraq and the SOCCENT Cultural Engagement Group (CEG).  CSM David Betz retired from the Army as the Joint Special Operations University Command Senior Enlisted Leader.  He currently is a contractor in the private sector.  Dave Betz’s education includes:  Ranger School Class 12-84, the Special Forces Qualification Course, and the Keystone Course.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College and a Masters of Arts degree in Business Management and Leadership from Liberty University.  He has served in numerous campaigns and deployments to include:  Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Haiti, Operations Iris Gold, Desert Spring, Desert Fox in Kuwait, Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom I, II, III and V.

Gray Zone conflicts are not new, the El Salvador conflict in the 1980s and the Somalia Wars in the 1990s are examples of past Gray Zone or Shadow Wars supported by minimum US SOF Forces.

This may be the sensational media headline in the near future as DOD continues to struggle over the strategy to fight ISIS in Syria.