Daniel R. DePetris


Daniel R. DePetris is an independent researcher and a Small Wars Journal contributor.  All views expressed are the author's alone.

If the Joint Chiefs only learned about the withdrawal scheme a mere few hours before the State of the Union was given, then it is appropriate to question whether the state of civil-military...

There are some issues that are too important to remain unsolved.

The Syrian regime’s use of shelling and aircraft are now being complimented with wholesale executions in rebel-controlled neighborhoods.

The Free Syrian Army has taken the fight into Bashar al-Assad’s seat of power, invalidating the regime’s narrative of total control.

Without a more unified and coercive strategy from the international community, Assad will likely remain in power for the immediate future. 

By taking the fight to his opponents in the western frontier, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hopes to preempt significant resistance from encroaching in the capital.