Dan McCauley

Dan McCauley is a National Defense University assistant professor at the Joint Forces Staff College located in Norfolk, VA.  Prof McCauley is a retired United States Air Force  pilot and has served in various course director capacities such as air operations, strategy, and theater campaign planning.

What is important for the Joint force to understand is that social structures are not the stable, highly integrated, and harmonious systems as presented on a map.

Joint Professional Military Education: Anticipating at the Speed of the Environment

U.S.-Iran Rapprochement: A Counterintuitive Alternative to Thirty-five Years of Distrust

Integrating strategic foresight tools into Joint Professional Military Education curricula will help develop an appreciation for the nonlinearity, complexity, and uncertainty of the global...

What happened to the sports college?

Paul was an independent thinker, uninterested in unifomity of behavior in others. His thinking and practice were contextual—shaped by and for each new situation