Bing West

Bing West served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs in the Reagan administration. A graduate of Georgetown and Princeton Universities, he served in the Marine infantry. He was a member of the Force Recon team that initiated attacks behind North Vietnamese lines.

He wrote the counterinsurgency classic, The Village, that has been on the Commandant's Reading List for 40 years. His books have won the Marine Corps Heritage Prize, the Colby Award for Military History, the VFW Media Award and the General Goodpaster Soldier-scholar Award. He has been on hundreds of patrols and operations throughout Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Bing is a member of St. Crispin's Order of the Infantry and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, ‘Take the Gloves Off Against the Taliban’, by Dave Petraeus and Michael O’Hanlon is at once reasonable, baffling, insufficient and...

The Marines had the fastest rifles in the village of Binh Nghia. It wasn't long until the second fastest belonged to their comrades-in-arms, the Popular Forces.

If doctrine collapses in practice, do not repeat it. We tried COIN as nation-building twice, and twice it failed.

"The Joint Pub doubles down on the proposition that war is an exercise in civics rather than in destruction."

Bing West argues that COIN as nation-building should not be a military mission at World Politics Review.

Abandoning COIN would doom the U.S. military to irrelevance and impotence, write Christopher Sims and Fernando Luján. Not so, says Bing West; the U.S. will be much less ambitious in future...