Ben Zweibelson

Ben Zweibelson is a 22 year veteran military officer and frequent author for Small Wars Journal. A guest lecturer on design and advanced strategic concepts for both USSOCOM’s Joint Special Operation University and the Canadian Armed Forces, Ben has been published recently in Military Review (March 2015) and the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies (April 2015). He also has upcoming articles in the Canadian Military Journal, the Special Operations Journal, and the Directorate of Future Land Warfare, Australian Army HQ.

Within military coalitions and governmental organizations, the term ‘deep dive’ continues to gain in popularity and design application for complex conflict environments.

Why acronyms are ruining shared military understanding.

Or how to shatter organizational stagnation and identify critical tensions preventing creative thinking and improvisation.

Our team produced design deliverables that established a narrative and conveyed a recommendation that had a structured organizing logic associated with its creation.

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