Alex Calvo

Alex Calvo, a guest professor at Nagoya University (Japan), focuses on security and defence policy, international law, and military history, in the Indian-Pacific Ocean Region. A member of Taiwan's South China Sea Think-Tank and CIMSEC (The Center for International Maritime Security), he tweets at Alex__Calvo and his work can be found at

The decentralized nature of purchasing decisions means that citizens may choose to organize, perhaps even informally through social media, regardless of government policy.

Just like on land we must be prepared to face both conventional and asymmetric foes ) as a similar challenge is arising at sea.

Cyberwar is War: A Critique of “Hacking Can Reduce Real-World Violence”

The problem can be summarized as follows: allied troops are better trained and equipped, while local forces enjoy a greater familiarity with the terrain, including above all the population.

From ‘Three Blocks’ to ‘Three Islands’: The Thin Line Between Police and Military Operations in Contested Maritime Spaces.

Can local law enforcement use technology to deter riots?