Albert Palazzo

Dr. Albert Palazzo is a Canberra based defence thinker. His Ph.D. is from The Ohio State University where he studied with Professors Allan Millett and Williamson Murray. His thesis was published as Seeking Victory on The Western Front: The British Army & Chemical Warfare in World War I. He has published widely on the history of the Australian Army and the contemporary character of war. His major works include The Australian Army: A History of its Organisation, 1901-2001; Moltke to bin Laden: The Relevance of Doctrine in Contemporary Military Environment, The Australian Army in Vietnam, The Future of War Debate in Australia, and Forging Australian Land Power, A Primer. His current research is on the effect of resource limits and climate change on the future of war and multi-domain battle.

The U.S. needs something that can do more than just fight and win battles.  MDB is a start, but something far more ambitious is needed.

Despite its centrality to the contemporary way of war, the days of joint operations are numbered.

Mad Scientist # 14: On today’s battlefield, if it can be sensed it can be killed from afar, often with a single round. As the level of precision improves, this will only become truer.

Military revolutions are a periodic redefining of what is possible in war and what is not, and those organizations that first grasp their potential have an advantage over their less adept rivals.