Adam Elkus

Adam Elkus is a PhD student in Computational Social Science at George Mason University. He has published articles on international security and strategy at The Atlantic, CTC Sentinel, Armed Forces Journal, and other publications. He is currently a columnist at War on the Rocks and a contributor to CTOVision, AnalystOne, and other blogs.

While it would be tempting to posit Paris as another bloody data point explained by our conceptual schema, Paris is in fact cause for broadening and expanding it.

In his review of the updated FM 3-24, Bing West has some harsh words about the manual’s academic tint,  Charles J. Dunlap is also unimpressed.

It’s been about two months since al-Shabaab gunmen employed the new playbook.

Two great minds on drugs... and strategy.

Where do we go with Design in a post-COIN (for now) world?

We must limit the ends we seek in these times.  Does that mean we can't remake the world?