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Reducing the Dependency on USSOF: The Kosovo CACOY Example

As evidenced from the KSF CACOY example, It is critical that USSOF eventually relinquishes command and control of institution building and allows the A/PN unit to succeed, or even fail, on its own. Had CMSE XKS not enforced the importance of KSF officers conducting their own execution and problem solving, they would continue to rely on the US support.

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Calibrating Civil Affairs Forces for Human Geography

A fundamental aspect to understanding human geography, insofar as it relates to the entirety of the academic field of geography, is gaining a grasp on the sheer breadth of it. The subdisciplines of geography can be bifurcated between the physical and the social sciences. “When geography concentrates on the distribution of physical features, such as climate, soil, and vegetation, it is a physical science. When it studies cultural features, such as language, industries, and cities, geography is a social science”.

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Calibrating Civil Affairs Forces for Lethality in Large Scale Combat Operations

To remain relevant in the future operational environment, CA must counter enemy hybrid warfare in the expanded battlefield, specifically in operational and tactical support areas, as part of an integrated security team through civil reconnaissance, civil network analysis, and civil network development.

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Civil Affairs and Civil Society: Harnessing the Latent Power of Social Bonds

Civil Affairs and Joint doctrine allude to civil society’s important role within the OE. However, the concept receives only a few cursory mentions, including: defeating threats to it, mitigating vulnerabilities to it, and reintroducing former combatants into it. Civil society is addressed in neither practical nor theoretical terms. This lack of attention carries over into Civil Affairs Operations and civil-military operations.

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Maritime Civil Affairs SWJED Wed, 03/08/2017 - 8:52pm

The Navy should seriously consider developing a true maritime civil affairs capability, not only because it is required by Department of Defense policy, but because the evident demand and benefits.