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Distr/Action: The Application of One Platform, One Network(OP/ON) GeoDigital Strategy

Sat, 06/01/2019 - 2:46am

Distr/Action: The Application of One Platform, One Network(OP/ON) GeoDigital Strategy

Chris Elles

The Mad Scientist team executed its 2019 Science Fiction Writing Contest to glean insights about the future fight with a near-peer competitor in 2030. We received 77 submissions from both within and outside of the DoD. This story was one of our semi-finalists and features a futuristic look at warfare and its featured technologies.


Boston Dynamics HECUBus: Hostile Environment Combat Utility Bus. A small, portable, all terrain robotics system designed to support an OD-X across the entire spectrum of austere clandestine operations requirements. Powered by a next gen high density solid-state battery capable of flexible and independent power scavenging managed by an adaptive neural network imprinted to it’s OD-X team.

CAPE: Donovian government integrated apex technology companies “Core” social networking, “Acme” ecommerce, “Pinnacle” search, and “Echo” networking/telecom equipment that when combined operate as global apex superplatforms of geodigital significance.

Core: Donovia’s government integrated apex social networking platform

Core Stablecoin: A digital currency created by Donovia/CAPE as a means of exchange designed to enhance citizen user trust and retain citizen user value.

Distr/Action: Donovia’s operational plan to distract rising domestic dissatisfaction with obfuscated intervention in, and digital absorption of, Otso.

Echo Six(E6): A Boston Dynamics HECUBUS combat support robotics system destroyed on operations against DONSOF supporting a clandestine OD-X mission. Forensic examination of the Echo Six neural network iteration vE6 that burst copied itself to Space Force IronCloud prior to destruction is being conducted. An investigation is being conducted after OD-X AAR report of Echo Six functioning with full autonomy without biometrically required human operator intervention and reportedly observed to have passed the Turing 2 Test. Due to operational stressors being exceptionally high, this operator report is suspect. However, individual OD-X operator debriefs are strikingly consistent in their reporting of these significant anomalies.

Exorbitant Privilege: Refers to the benefits the United States has due to its own currency being the international reserve currency. Accordingly, the US would not face a balance of payments crisis because it imports in its own currency. 

Exorbitant Network/Data: Refers to the considerable benefits of a digital superplatform being the international platform standard. Superplatform > Reserve Currency.

FAANG+: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Cisco/Juniper

Flash Raid: A digital “main effort” operation supported in the physical domains, but remaining beneath the public detection threshold and engendering an overt adversary response

Global Geodigital Platform Primacy(G2P2): Cold War v.2 contested largely in the digital domain. A war between which geodigital operating system will become the global standard. Network > Ideology

GeoDigital: Relating to the digital environment with a focus on international relations

GeoDigital Platform: A digital platform of geopolitical significance

GeoDigital Strategy: A subfield of geopolitics. Foreign policy guided by factors that are unique or significantly magnified in the digital environment. The geopolitical application of Metcalfe’s, Moore’s and Zipf’s Laws.

Immediate Global Response Swarm: All Service forward deployed and distributed rapid deployment force designed to respond globally within 8 hours to operations across the conflict continuum. Light in weight, heavy in global kinetic strike capability.

International Digital Democratic Alliance(ID2A): A US launched coalition developed to counter Donovia’s integrated geodigital superplatform strategy.

Metcalfe’s Law: States the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users to the system(n2)

Minds Of Citizen Users(MOCU): The analytics/metrics on which Donovian Precision Digital Influence(PDI) propaganda doctrine are measured

Moore’s Law: An observation that the speed and capability of computers can be expected to double every two years, as a result of increases in the number and density of transistors a microchip can contain.

Network Effects Based Operations/Thinking: The conceptual doctrine of achieving the desired outcome via amplification of coalition network effects while concurrently disrupting adversary network effects as informed by Metcalfe’s, Moore’s, and Zipf’s Laws.

OD-X: Experimental US Army Special Forces task group specifically designed for counter-superplatform network effects based Title 50v2 operations partnered with other governmental agencies(OGA) across the entire continuum of unconventional warfare. The application of the original Special Forces mission set “leveled up” for conflict in the digital cloud with covert and clandestine support in physical domains. 

One Platform, One Network(OP/ON): The multi decade Donovian development strategy to expand the integrated Donovia/CAPE superplatform into the ubiquitous global operating system.

Precision Digital Influence(PDI): Digital domain propaganda influence doctrine utilising autonomous and individualised cognitive neuroscience specific machine learning algorithms benefitting from Moore’s Law price/performance. More commonly referred to as mass customised amygdala hijacking.

Superplatform: A digital platform of global geodigital significance

Title 50v2: Revised DOD/OGA/Auxiliary clandestine/covert Executive and Legislative operating authority to adapt to an increasingly digital centric world. Devised to fight an unconventional network war in the digital domain with support from the physical domains.

Two Minute Hate: In George Orwell’s dystopian book 1984 everyone must watch a film depicting the enemies of the Party and express their hatred for them for exactly two minutes.

Two Second Influence: The autonomous precision targeted application of Moore’s Law price/performance to Orwell’s Two Minute Hate in order to gain and sustain influence in the Minds Of Citizen Users(MOCU)

Zipf’s Law: Is an empirical law formulated using mathematical statistics. It states that given a large sample of words used, the frequency of any word is inversely proportional to its range in the frequency table. So word n has a frequency proportional to 1/n. Thus the most frequent word will occur about twice as often as the second most frequent word, three times as often as the third most frequent word, etc.  


The Donovian flash raid of Otso executed on March 17, 2030 was preceded by an overwhelming full spectrum EW(electronic warfare) mission conducted in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: With the exception of Donovia, air gap Otso from the rest of the world using a real national climate emergency event as cover for action.
  • Phase 2: Forced injection of the Donovian Core citizen user application on all identifiable internet enabled devices within Otso using national climate emergency event as cover for action.
  • Phase 3: Dissemination of real time deep fake propaganda content to achieve the following three objectives.1. Otso government invitation of Donovian HADR to provide flash raid cover for action. 2. Exaggerate danger of real climate emergency event to provide cover for status. 3. Remain below public detection thresholds to obviate US government treaty obligations

The Donovian EW mission was successfully executed concurrently alongside Donovian SOF(DONSOF) Forces operating in Otso military, law enforcement, first responder, and civil service attire supported by social media propaganda teams injecting a mix of real time artificial deep fake and authentic influence content onto both the Core superplatform application as well as FAANG+ platforms to influence non Donovian regional/global networks.

Donovian operations in physical domains were conducted under the cover of deep fake Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response(HADR) Support mission invitation by Otso’s government, exaggerating the danger of a genuine climate event that Donovia leveraged to mask the flash raid.

DONSOF conducted Advance Force Operations(AFO) to identify, locate, and air gap Otso leadership from local/global communication, shaping Otso’s leadership to conduct compartmentalised and restricted communication only with Donovian leadership to negotiate with and submit to a post flash raid joint authentic conclusion. 

DONSOF concurrently seized all key digital terrain across the military, political, commercial, and social spectrum to ensure dominance in the Mind Of Citizen Users(MOCU) utilising Precision Digital Influence(PDI) technology, commonly referred to as amygdala hijacking. Due to their highside outlier social reach, particular emphasis was placed on capturing or co-opting Otso’s top 20 social influencers with the remaining 80 in the top 100 taken offline.

Unarmed Donovian Armed Forces(DAF) HADR task groups escorted by DONSOF dressed to mimic Otso first responders, law enforcement, and military provided immediate essentials to Otso general population with biomass food printers, water purification systems, and free IOT digital devices pre-configured with Core app support. Beyond support for essential health and logistics services, Otso electrical generation was temporarily disrupted with tactical EMP generators to enhance the deep fake climate event narrative and reduce authentic information leakage. All Otso digital traffic was quickly rerouted and filtered through Donovia. Within 7 days commercial communications between Otso and rest of world began to slowly open, but with all international digital spectrum traffic routed through Donovian petabit fibre using AI/ML surveillance filtering and social actor target indexing to remove content and outlier social influencers malignant to Donovia.

Cover for these measures was provided by the deep fake climate emergency narrative until Donovian CAPE digital architecture could be fully integrated into Otso’s.

All 25 million Otso citizen users involuntarily onboarded onto Core were enticed with the equivalent of $USD 800 in superplatform services paid in Core Stablecoin. The $USD20 billion equivalent cost born by CAPE to ease the absorption of Otso into the superplatform was supported by a network localisation team of 3000 forward positioned Donovian/CAPE developers. This was soon followed by the announcement of 15,000 high paying CAPE employment positions for Otso citizen users to enhance authentic public support of Core and port all legacy Otso digital services to Core. Analysis indicates a weighted average estimate of 3.4 year return on capital invested by Donovia/CAPE.

Otso‘s government was pressured to accept digital absorption into Donovia’s One Platform, One Network(OP/ON) superplatform providing Donovia/CAPE digital domain monopoly control in Otso under the guise of emergency legislative measures due to deep fake climate event necessity.

In exchange, Donovia didn’t just allow, but strongly encouraged Otso’s government to maintain control of physical domains as long as Otso leadership maintained the deep fake climate event and HADR invitation narratives.

Donovia’s Core application was the fulcrum of Donovian global geodigital influence.

The flash raid short duration invasion was both predicted and conducted with algorithmic certainty of success as a result of the data driven demand for Donovian leadership to externalise domestic attention to:

Mitigate rising domestic friction stemming from fast aging populace;

  • Sustain control of Donovia & gain relative global superplatform influence;
  • Fracture US-led  geopolitical coalition preeminence;
  • Accelerate acquisition of unaligned national & citizen user networks;
  • Amplify Metcalfe’s Law quadratic growth of geodigital lebensraum-like “breathing room”

The authoritarian Donovian government had not been engaged in kinetic conflict for over 50 years. And the major domestic protests that risked toppling the government 40 years prior were still top of mind by Donovian leadership informing their bias for external distraction through action(distr/action).

Due to ethnic, genetic, and historic roots shared by Donovia and Otso, combined with long simmering political friction between Donovia and Otso with seperation enforced by the United States treaty with Otso, it was an obvious target for Donovia retrospectively. Until the mid 2020’s, US economic and political influence combined with its advanced kinetic force projection capabilities required little in the way of maintenance investment to sustain this long-standing Otso/Donovia geopolitical status quo.

However, the fast rising diplomatic, economic, political, and social power of Donovia combined with the distraction of perpetual and expensive small wars fought by the United States rapidly changed the variables in this previously stable geopolitical calculus. The situation was further accelerated by Donovia’s adaptation of geodigital strategy applying Moore’s Law, Zipf’s Law, and Metcalfe’s Law to Network Effects Based Operations/Thinking allowing Donovia to seize the lion’s share of superplatform quadratic network growth.

Donovia’s omnipresent domestic surveillance system provided an effective means of granular mass population control and was embedded in every citizen user’s Core app. The price performance of Moore’s Law enabled the emergence of a sustainable technology enabled authoritarian state. The flawed fiction of Orwell’s 1984 had become reality in the 2020’s with the rise of Precision Digital Influence(PDI) allowing mass customised amygdala hijacking. Deep analytics underpinning Core pinpointed growing vulnerabilities to social cohesion due to the lasting economic impact of the two financial tsunamis of 2021 & 2028 and the fast rising frictional burn of Donovia’s aging demographics.

Donovia had taken a bold gamble expending enormous diplomatic, economic, and political resources to extend the international reach of its government integrated commercial platform partners CAPE(“Core” social networking, “Acme” ecommerce, “Pinnacle” search, “Echo” networking/telecom equipment) thru trade agreements, concessions, credits, diplomatic pressure, and debt trap loans. This came at the growing expense of reduced domestic investment, but with the express purpose of not only enhancing trade, influence, infrastructure, and resource access, but to further a One Platform, One Network(OP/ON) strategy towards global ubiquity.

In a largely non kinetic flash raid, US tactical military innovation and superiority was almost entirely nullified by the rise of geodigital integrated soft power.

The exorbitant privilege of the US dollar as global reserve currency provided the US with the power of purchasing imports with its own currency, running higher trade deficits, and imposing unilateral trade sanctions. But this exorbitant privilege was incrementally superseded in the 2020’s via the rising geopolitical utility of Metcalfe’s, Zipf’s, and Moore’s Laws applied to geodigital advantage in the form of exorbitant network/data.

Exorbitant network/data certainly was not a monopoly of just Donovia. But the complete alignment of Donovian geodigital strategy integrating Donovia’s government at a granular level with its dominant CAPE commercial platforms, led to the increasingly accurate descriptor/moniker of superplatform.

The calculus of Donovian quadratic network growth emphasis in comparison to the US’s more linear growth leaves the US at a critical and decisive disadvantage.

Donovia mobile payments market was 40x bigger than US in 2019.

Donovia outpaced US in R&D workforce numbers and dollars invested in 2020.

Donovia reached parity with the US in patent applications in 2023

Donovia reached parity with US in biggest tech companies in 2025(10 each in top 20)

The warning signs were there.

In the early 2020’s US FAANG+(Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper) platforms still possessed far greater total aggregate global reach than their Donovian CAPE counterparts, but the granular depth of Donovian government and CAPE superplatform integration created a unity of mission & digital combined arms effort for Donovia’s foreign policy that simply did not exist between the US government and FAANG+ platforms as well as within/between FAANG+ platforms.

US government policy to disengage from significant portions of its 30+ year role as unipolar global leader could not be adequately filled by FAANG+, creating voids of opportunity for Donovia to exploit thru OP/ON strategy.

To date, the alternative US/FAANG+ strategy has been akin to imagining all 5 US military branches representing FAANG+, in conflict with each other while in concurrent conflict with the US government during the decade long prelude to a global unconventional network war.

And then facing a near peer adversary array executing a strategically aligned and united digital centric warfighting doctrine.

Retrospectively, it appears that between 2015 and 2020, Donovia had begun to execute it’s globally ambitious geodigital platform strategy in earnest to incrementally and comprehensively influence its trading partners to integrate into the Donovian/CAPE superplatform.

The Donovian geodigital platform strategy was overlooked by a United States government distracted by domestic social change; engaged in extracting itself from a generation of foreign kinetic small wars; while lacking a unified strategy with requisite resourcing to counter Donovia’s growing global ambitions.

By 2028, Donovia’s strategy had becoming glaringly apparent with the declaration that Donovia would reserve the right to respond kinetically, up thru and including tactical nuclear strike, if their superplatform were to come under cyber attack. Until that time, countering the considerable growth of Donovia’s OP/ON strategy was tepid at best. And the US struggled to develop a focused geodigital strategy, counterplatform, and counternetwork coalition.

When Donovia executed it’s flash raid in Otso, the conflict was over before it started. In many ways it was reminiscent of the US forced entry into Grenada in 1983. It allowed Donovia to signal its return to the global stage and display the transformation of its professional and qualitatively focused military, but with bifurcated signalling to encourage acquiescence of non-aligned governments and promote acceptance of non-aligned citizen users observing on the fence globally.

Despite the United States possessing incredible breadth of decisive kinetic tactical advantage, the depth of that kinetic dominance capability was declining from its previous unipolar apex in lockstep with US global proportional GDP.

The Donovian decisive advantage came not from it’s fast growing military capability, still largely inferior to the US, but from it’s granular influence over 48% of global GDP and 62% of the planet’s population. 4,291,354,713 citizens were using Core and 76 countries were existentially and indispensably “locked in” to the Donovian superplatform network.

The Two Minute Hate of Orwell’s 1984 had iterated into a highly targeted Two Second Influence in the Minds Of Citizen Users(MOCU)

Donovian decisive advantage came from the exhorbitant network data generated by its superplatform that was chipping away at the exorbitant advantage of the US Dollar global reserve currency as a result of the rapidly accelerating proportion of global transactions conducted on Core. Moving forward, the most dangerous and increasingly likely course of action would be for Donovia to supercede US Dollar denominated transactions on Core with Core Stablecoin denominated transactions. 

Data capture volume by the Donovian superplatform achieved aggregate parity against the fragmented FAANG and US government in 2021.

Donovian doctrine and strategy towards the development of its sovereign superplatform was reminiscent of a mashup of the Manhattan Project combined with the STEM emphasis in education during the Cold War Space Race.

It was an unconventional war between competing networks with Donovian superplatform authoritarianism on one side and a shambolic democratic US/Indian International Digital Democratic Alliance on the other.

The first observable battle was fought and won by Donovia in two days, but the preparation of the battlefield in an unconventional network war for geodigital operating system ubiquity had already been underway for two decades.

Goals and Objectives


  • Fracture Otso/US
  • Absorb Otso digitally & economically  into the Donovian superplatform.
  • Continuous global network incrementalism and eventual monetisation of it.  
  • Supplant US Exorbitant Privilege with Donovian Exorbitant Network/Data


  • Deter/Disrupt/Defeat Donovian absorption of Otso into the Donovian superplatform network.
  • Deter/Disrupt/Defeat Donovian ambitions of global network dominance.
  • US Army Special Forces OD-X led effort achieved limited success in developing Otso national digital resilience prior to the flash raid. The OD-X concept is worthy of future development, investment, and reinforcement to further iterate the OD-X counter-superplatform network effects-based operations model under development.

Analysis of Outcomes

Donovian goals and objectives were almost universally successful with the flash raid falling beneath the public detection threshold thus disrupting an escalated treaty required response from the US.

US goals and objectives were almost entirely unsuccessful with the complete loss of Otso to the Donovian supernetwork, however, the experimental OD-X concept shows promise.

Analysis of the Performance Shown on Critical Tasks

Donovian Critical Tasks

One Platform, One Network(OP/ON)

Donovian strategic culture of encouraging actions to defeat adversaries/competitors prior to execution of hostilities was the crux behind the design and execution of OP/ON.

Once OP/ON strategy was detected and the US initiated design of a counter network coalition strategy, Donovia’s  geodigital network effect dominance could already be focused as a weapon with great accuracy and efficiency to undermine US influence within the theatre, the region, and the globe without immediate fear of non-kinetic counter-network fires/reprisals. 

The Donovian decisive advantage came from it’s granular influence over 48% of global GDP and 62% of the planet’s population. 4,291,354,713 Core citizen users and 76 network countries were indispensably “locked in” to the Donovian superplatform network array for essential daily living and functioning needs.

The Donovian superplatform network was acting like an anaconda slowly constricting US Dollar denominated trade and US proportional global GDP, but below publicly obvious detection thresholds to inhibit justification of an adversary kinetic response.

Deception Operations

In retrospect it appears US intelligence was spoofed by a comprehensive large scale deception operation involving social media footprint mimicry of over 200,000 unique Donovian personnel directly involved in the invasion of Otso in combination with five consecutive and algorithmically varied military posturing efforts designed to deter US military response in theatre, distract US intelligence assessment, and disrupt US executive leadership decision making optionality.

Propaganda Operations

Deep fake propaganda created by Donovian forces could be produced in real time. And when combined with:

  • The world’s dominant citizen user network amplifier
  • High trust based network
  • Rare/infrequent leveraging of citizen user network for geodigital gain.

It allowed Donovia to weaponise the world’s largest citizen user network to decisively win the narrative.

Preparation of the Battlespace/Advance Force Operations

Artificial Deep Fake Propaganda inviting Donovia into Otso and exaggerating/disseminating real climate event dangers provided the necessary cover for action and cover for status to conduct the flash raid beneath the threshold of public discovery that would have compelled adversary action.

DONSOF Advance Force Operations(AFO) effectively disrupted all local Otso nodes of geodigital relevance.

DONSOF injected “Little Black Box”, arrays of portable iOT devices via mass drone swarms to disrupt/defeat legacy Otso digital networks as well as deflect all Otso digital/logistical continuity thru Donovia, and inject Core onto all Otso internet enabled devices.


Forced injection of the Core application on all discoverable Otso based devices is but one highly effective example of Network Effects Based Operations/Thinking.

Echelon 2.0

2nd echelon follow-on Donovian forces consisted mostly of discrete public safety and Core platform infrastructure integration specialists allowing a near immediate return to authentic local Otso political control and porting of all legacy Otso digital services onto Core.

However, always under the watchful eye of persistent Donovian surveillance. 

US Critical Tasks

The US government had recognised the rising strategic geodigital threat from Donovia by 2020 and had begun to implement effective technology export controls partnering with national counter intelligence, but the challenges facing the effort were twofold:

  • It was far more challenging preventing “bits” from being exported to Donovia that it was to bar the export of “atoms” to the Soviet Union in the Cold War
  • Donovia had already achieved parity and even superiority in several carefully targeted critical defense and dual use technology fields by 2020, focusing on accelerating its technology experimentation and implementation cycle to be a potent “fast follower” with a Hi/Low capability mix, dominating “Hi” in a critical field or fast following “Low” able to iterate 12 times faster on average than the US industrial equivalent, nullifying much of the disruptive utility of US dual use technology export controls.

As a result of effective Donovian deep fake propaganda and deception operations, reactive US military forces were unable to establish a military tripwire capacity within Otso in time. The distributed Immediate Global Response Swarm was recalled in flight when it was ascertained Donovian Forces had already dominated the global social narrative and denied battlespace access having already decisively seized AI predicted tripwire deterrence gridlines.

The exception to Donovian denial of US force participation in the Otso flash raid was the experimental US Army Special Forces OD-X.

The OD-X is an experimental modular task group with a primary focus on Network Effects Based Operations/Thinking built on successful Counter-Unconventional Warfare lessons learned in the Baltic States between 2014-2025 and applying them to intra/international geodigital networks.

OD-X was Brigadier supported with direct linkage to senior national leadership for maximal operational latitude, but Major/SFC led in order to collapse the operational “flash to bang” execution chain. 

The action that occurred during a classified mission conducted by OD-X supported by Boston Dynamics HECUBUS unit Echo Six against DONSOF is outside the scope of this strategic-level AAR and is being investigated separately. Rumours of Echo Six’s neural network operating without mandatory human control are unconfirmed. Discussion around Echo Six’s neural network passing the Turing 2 Test while engaged in clandestine support operations is forbidden due to political sensitivity, operational complexity, and the complete lack of experimental validation. The most recent secure cloud copy of Echo Six’s neural net prior to the unit’s combat loss and SSE hull destruction to prevent adversary recovery is being forensically tested. No further comment is authorised or will be made about Echo Six.  


The long term Donovian OP/ON strategy combining geodigital platform leverage and exhorbitant network data advantage created a broad and deep strategic moat resilient to external deterrence, disruption, or defeat.

Despite US kinetic overmatch against Donovian forces on the global level, Donovia was able to deny the US rapid deployment tripwire force at the theatre level via Anti-Access/Area Denial(A2/AD) focused operations and nullify US diplomatic efforts via superplatform based geodigital soft power at the macro level and mass citizen user amygdala hijacking at the micro level.

Strategy(integrated digital) > Capability(tactical systems)

Recommendations/Lessons Learned


Geodigital resiliency(Defensive): Assist citizens and nations at risk of future acquisition into the Donovian superplatform network. Baltic Poison Pill Model. Cloud Government In Exile. Digital Diaspora and Counter Digital Diaspora. As successfully utilised by the Baltic States with US coalition support in 2014-2025.

Counter-Superplatform(Defensive): Develop a “whole of free society” coalition counter-superplatform utilizing open standards to connect and combine ensuring proportional individual equity.

Digital Rollback Strategy(offensive): International Digital Democratic Alliance:

  • Offer individuals, communities, and countries the opportunity to join a competing platform network that offers community, equity, opportunity, etc.. Undermine the Donovian superplatform thru the development, execution, and distribution of a compelling alternative value proposition. Compete for citizen user support as the most trusted superplatform network administrator.
  • Non Kinetic Active Measures(Offensive): Polish Solidarity support model applied to the geodigital age. Identify, foment, and support internal and external competition and opposition to the Donovian superplatform network.
  • National strategic main effort hybrid, run by professional network effects based thinkers rather than political campaign contributors.

OD-X Network Effects Based Operations/Thinking:

  • Network Resilience, Digital Foreign Internal Defense: Building & amplifying coalition geodigital networks
  • Network Resistance, Digital Unconventional Warfare: countering, deterring, disrupting, and destroying adversary geodigital networks
  • Iterate OD-X under Title 50v2 and partner with OGA to initiate offensive non-kinetic network effects based operations against Donovia’s superplatform.

Lessons Learned

Innovative Strategy > Innovative technology

US is dangerously reliant on conventional kinetic force based victory and innovative technology rather than innovative strategy.

US underinvestment in platform based geodigital soft power (exorbitant network data) due to continued overinvestment in tactical kinetic weapon systems and defending the legacy power of exorbitant privilege in the US Dollar global reserve currency. 

US network is a patchwork of competing commercial platforms with a cannibalistic relationship amongst themselves and in concurrent perpetual conflict with a US government lacking an integrated geodigital superplatform strategy.

Much as the US government and populace failed to observe leading indicators such as the US Embassy bombings in Kenya/Tanzania, the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, and the USS Cole bombing in Yemen and reorient towards a new counter terrorism strategy prior to 9/11, the US government and populace failed to observe the indicators of the multi-decade design and development of the Donovian superplatform.

While bleeding edge military technology and capability were available to counter the flash raid, they were just tools of declining depth and decisiveness.

Tools alone can not deter, disrupt, or defeat an effective and popular strategy creating value for citizen users at a Metcalfe’s Law rate of network value growth.

This was the first battle in a war for global geodigital platform primacy(G2P2). Not a war between conflicting ideologies, but between competing geodigital operating systems.

And the US lost.

The era of digital operations supporting kinetic operations has ended and the era of kinetic operations supporting digital operations had begun.

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Chris Elles is a Sergeant in the RNZIR(Reserve) who has developed and delivered innovation training packages for both the NZDF and ADF while also serving as a Phase Manager for the NZ Army Aumangea Assessment Programme. Chris is an entrepreneur, startup mentor, and angel investor. As an early stage employee, he was responsible for the physical launch beyond books for He is an alumnus of Stanford University Graduate School of Business and completed Hacking4Defense Educator Certification at Georgetown University.  Chris is cofounder and Chairperson of the No Duff Charitable Trust and Vice-Chairperson of the MIT Bootcamp Alumni Assocation. He can be found on Twitter @Innov8Point1


The application of One Platform, One Network (OP/ON) geodigital strategy is an important element in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Some main objectives of OP/ON strategy are to provide the consolidation, expansion and improvement of business operations on this site to improve market share etc. One Platform, One Network (OP/ON) is a strategy that is implemented to ensure that different entities in the same industry are using similar software and operating system. This strategy is being used by GEODIGITAL to increase the efficiency and accuracy of its services.