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Ukraine: WAR BULLETIN March 11, 10.00 am EST

Sat, 03/12/2022 - 8:15am

Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations



March 11, 10.00 am EST


Russian provocation – attack by the Russian Air Force on Belarussian territory from the territory of Ukraine

Kyiv and Mariupol remain the main areas of concentration of the Russia’s efforts.

Unable to succeed, the enemy continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on cities in the depths of Ukraine - Dnipro, Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Putin is preparing a terrorist attack on the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant responsibility for which the aggressors will try to shift on Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia launched 328 cruise missiles of Iskander and Kalibr types on peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine.

Ukrainian government has organized 12 humanitarian corridors.




State Border Guard


Russian provocation – attack by the Russian Air Force on Belarussian territory from the territory of Ukraine

Today at 2.30 pm CET the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine informed that Russian assault aircraft SU took off from the DUBROVYTSYA airfield (Belarus), entered the territory of Ukraine, bombed Ukrainian territory, turned around over Ukrainian villages HORODYCHI and TUMENI, after which made an air strike on the town of KOPANI (Belarus).

This is a provocation aimed at involving the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus in the war with Ukraine.


Advisor to the Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak

Ukrainian big cities are again subjected to devastating blows. The 1st explosions took place in Lutsk shutting down 2 boiler houses. Ivano-Frankivsk - 3 powerful explosions. Dnipro is also under attack. Russia's destructive war against civilians and major 🇺🇦 cities continues


Russian officials, including minister Shoigu, announced the hasty recruitment of 16,000 ex-ISIS fighters to be used against Ukrainian civilians. Hiring ISIS and Russian propaganda claims about chemical weapons testify to an attempt to implement the “Syrian scenario” in Ukraine


Address by the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov

Dear Ukrainians!

Many of us will have a hard time saying what day of week it is. But most of us know that the 16-th day of resistance against the Russian invasion has started.

The situation at the front lines is and will be complicated. There are many Russian occupants. Yet. But they have already lost the initiative.

Our soldiers are actively defending and conducting successful counterattacks in all directions.

The video of Russian tank units near Brovary running away will be engraved in the memory of the whole world as the real state of the planet`s “second army”.

It seems that the once glorious Taman division established a long time ago in Kharkiv will end its “glorious” path at the very same place, in Kharkiv. The same goes for the Kantemirov division.

In the Chernihiv region, our defenders have been significantly strengthened by captured Russian armored vehicles. The Air Force continues to destroy enemy aircrafts.

Having received a rebuff on the battlefield, the enemy intensified terrorist attacks and the killing of civilians. Systematic strikes on Kharkiv, the attack on Dnipro and other cities prove that. Relevant work will be conducted regarding all war criminals. None of them will be able to hide.

The situation in Mariupol is very difficult. The enemy is holding the city hostage by performing real acts of genocide.

We are trying to provide humanitarian corridors. But it is extremely difficult: the Russians are bombing the city even during official negotiations. They have no dignity, no honor, no mercy.

The enemy is trying to deploy police infrastructure in the territories of South Ukraine that are temporarily taken. I am sure they will have to wrap it up. Quickly.

Our separate line of work is providing support to the army in conditions when the first strike is repelled, the enemy is restrained, and the war moves to another phase.

Yesterday a month ahead of schedule, UAH 12.5 billion were transferred by military units to pay additional remuneration for the duration of martial law of all categories of servicemen, established pursuant to the Decrees of the President of Ukraine, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

This is the first tranche for February - early March.  After the systematization of combat orders, other tranches will follow.

Financial support for participants in hostilities will amount to UAH 100,000 per month, excluding the premium for destroyed equipment, etc.  We make advance payments because we want the military to feel protected.  Now not to formalism.

The system of defense procurement for budget funds has also been established.  According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 5, 2022 № 201 “On Amendments to Item 1 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of February 28, 2022 № 169” such purchases are not included in the annual procurement plan.  We follow a certain procedure, we have constant work on procurement, everything is fine.  Reports on their results in the electronic system will be published after the end of martial law in accordance with the Decree.

Our focus is to ensure that deliveries are guaranteed and made on time. This applies to everything, from food to clothing and ammunition. Substantial fuel reserves have been formed.

We are now fine-tuning the logistics, because many supply routes have changed and our troops are actively maneuvering. There will definitely be some glitches, but everyone is ready and willing to fix them immediately.

I want to thank all the citizens and businesses that help support the army. Our soldiers feel this support. That is why they have a completely different motivation than the Russian invaders.

Let us remain united! Hold the line! We will be victorious!

Glory to Ukraine!


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The sixteenth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion continues.

The enemy, having suffered losses in the Polissya, Siversky, and Pivdennobuzhsky operational districts, was stopped, tried to gain a foothold, and was forced to do so on unfavorable frontiers. In the Donetsk direction, during the fierce fighting, the defenders of Ukraine repulsed the enemy, the pace of the invasion of the invaders slowed down.

Kyiv and Mariupol remain the main areas of concentration of the enemy's efforts, as well as advances in the directions of Kryvyi Rih, Kremenchuk, Nikopol and Zaporizhia.

Unable to succeed, the enemy continues to launch missile and bomb strikes on cities in the depths of Ukraine - the Dnieper, Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk.

The formation of enemy reserves and their transfer to the areas of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine continues.

There is an increase in the air defense system of the occupying forces in the Donetsk and Tavriya areas.

In Volyn, there is a threat of sabotage of military and civilian infrastructure.

The occupiers are not conducting active offensive operations in the Polissya direction. Measures are being taken to restore the combat capability of units.

As a result of active, coordinated actions of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the defense forces, the enemy suffered significant losses, which forced him to retreat from the previously captured settlements of Kyiv region.

In the northern direction, active offensive operations by the enemy are not carried out. In some areas, the enemy carried out raids and reconnaissance of the positions of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy kept Sumy surrounded and partially blocked Kharkiv from the north. Conducts regrouping of troops.

In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the occupiers did not abandon attempts to capture the cities of Mariupol and Severodonetsk, and were unsuccessful. Plans to establish control over Mykolayiv and advance towards Zaporizhia and Kryvyi Rih have not been implemented by the enemy. Due to significant losses, the invaders are forced to turn to defense and try to provide comprehensive support.


The total combat losses of the Russian forces from 24.02 to 11.03:

personnel – more than 12 000,

tanks ‒ 353,

APV ‒ 1165,

artillery systems – 125,

MLRS - 58,

Anti-aircraft warfare systems - 31,

aircraft – 57,

helicopters – 83,

vehicles - 558,

boats / cutters - 3,

fuel tanks - 60,

UAV operational-tactical level - 7.–-generalnij-shtab-zs-ukraini/


Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine General Valerii Zaluzhnyi

Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia launched 328 cruise missiles of Iskander and Kalibr types on peaceful cities, towns and villages of Ukraine.


Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

According to available information, Vladimir Putin has ordered the preparation of a terrorist attack at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. A man-made catastrophe is planned at the Russian-controlled Chornobyl NPP, responsibility for which the aggressors will try to shift on Ukraine.

Currently, the Chornobyl NPP is completely disconnected from the monitoring systems of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The station is de-energized. The service life of the available diesel generators is designed for 48 hours of maintenance. Russians refused to grant access to the station to Ukrainian engineers. Instead, "Belarusian specialists" went there on the instructions of Alexander Lukashenko. Among them, under the guise of nuclear scientists were Russian saboteurs. Their main goal is to organize a terrorist attack.

At the same time, in recent days, Putin's troops have struck at the Zaporizhzhia NPP and the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology (where the experimental nuclear reactor is located).

To imitate the involvement of the Ukrainian military in the Chornobyl accident, the occupiers are trying to create fake "evidence" to confirm their version. In particular, Russian mobile refrigerators were spotted collecting bodies of the dead Ukrainian defenders. Witnesses claim that such actions are being exercised near the Antonov airport in Hostomel. There is a possibility that dead Ukrainian soldiers will be presented as killed saboteurs in the Chornobyl zone.

Without achieving the desired result from the ground military operation and direct talks, Putin is ready to resort to nuclear blackmail of the world for the sake of ceasing its support to Ukraine.

At present, Ukraine, the world, and Russia itself understand that the statements about Ukraine's involvement in the creation of a nuclear threat are only staging of a mediocre scenario.

Nevertheless, such actions by Putin will have catastrophic consequences for the whole world. It seems that this is what the Russian dictator is counting on, demanding unacceptable concessions.


State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SES)

During March 11, rescue units of SES made 577 raids, including 300 raids to eliminate the consequences of shelling of settlements and civilian infrastructure by Russian troops. 57 people have been rescued.

SES pyrotechnics were involved in operations 139 times during the day, 210 explosive devices were neutralized.

On the state border in Zakarpattia, Odesa, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions of the SES in cooperation with the Red Cross of Ukraine and local authorities set up additional 79 tents for heating and reception of citizens.  Since its inception, more than 198,000 people have been assisted.

The evacuation of the population totaling more than 449 thousand people, including: over 92 thousand children and 5281 people with disabilities.


Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

At least 27 people have been injured over the past 24 hours.

The occupiers attacked 14 settlements - Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Druzhkivka, Novoluhanske, New York, Luhansk, Krasnohorivka, Marinka, Kostiantynivka, Ivanopillya, Terny, Myronivsky, Stepne, Mykhailivka.

34 objects were damaged - a children's hospital and a maternity hospital, two schools, the Azov State Technical University, residential buildings, a shop, a church, the village council building, a railway, a gas pipeline, and communal equipment.

Kharkiv suffered from several powerful air raids. The enemy continues to purposefully destroy the city's infrastructure and level residential neighborhoods. As a result of numerous ground and air attacks, more than 280 houses, 26 schools and 23 kindergartens were destroyed. There are casualties among the civilian population.




We have already reached a strategic turning point and are moving towards our goal, our victory – President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Free people of a free country!

We have been fighting for our freedom for the 16th day already. This is four times longer than the enemy planned for his invasion.

Four times longer! Against the army, which was considered one of the strongest in the world. Which hoped that the Ukrainians would surrender. Hoped that someone would meet Russian flags on Ukrainian streets, on our streets with flowers.

But Ukrainians are proud people who always defend their land and will not give the invader a single piece of land. Not a percent of their freedom.

16 days. I know that many people have started to feel tired. I understand. Impatience. I understand.

Emotions play a bad game with people. This is life. When we mobilize, when we see our victories and the loss of the enemy on the battlefield, we expect the struggle to end sooner. We expect the invaders to fall faster. But... This is life, this is war. This is a struggle.

Time is still needed. Patience is still needed. Our wisdom, energy. The ability to do our job to the maximum so that we can win together.

It is impossible to say how many more days we must liberate our Ukrainian land. But it is possible to say - we will do it! Because we strived for that. Because we have already reached a strategic turning point. We are already moving towards our goal, towards our victory.

This is a patriotic war. War with a very stubborn enemy who does not pay attention to the thousands of his killed people, killed soldiers. Who is now gathering reservists and conscripts all over Russia to throw them into the hell of this war.

Who came up with the idea of throwing mercenaries against our people. Thugs from Syria. From the country that was destroyed in the same way as the invaders are destroying us now - our Mariupol, our Kharkiv, Okhtyrka, Chernihiv, Volnovakha, Izyum, etc.

This is how Russian troops treat Ukrainians. This is how they treat Donbas, Russian-speaking people, as they said. How they shouted to everyone about "protection", which they talked about so much in Moscow. Rockets, air bombs, artillery. And now Syrian mercenaries who do not distinguish at all who speaks what language here, what church people go to, what party people supported.

Mercenaries who simply go to kill in a foreign land - in every sense of the word.

Over the past night and morning, the invaders carried out, as they say, "demilitarization" of the water supply system in Chernihiv. The city was left without water. We are doing everything to restore the water supply. Due to constant shelling in parts of the Sumy, Kyiv, Donetsk regions there is no electricity, yes, there are problems with heating, no gas, water. This is a humanitarian catastrophe.

Humanitarian catastrophe - two words that have become fully synonymous with the other two words - the Russian Federation.

At night, the invaders bombed a shoe factory, an apartment building and a kindergarten in Dnipro. For what? How did they threaten the Russian state? They destroyed residential houses in the villages of the Sumy region. They continued torturing Mariupol residents, Kharkiv residents.

They fired rockets at Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk...

If this continues, sanctions against Russia are not enough. And I expect, we are already working on this, new sanctions from our partners today.

Russia must pay for this terrible war. Pay daily!

A very important meeting of the leaders of the European Union took place yesterday. Long, substantive. We know what was said at this meeting. What all leaders said. Who specifically spoke. Who supported. Who remained silent. And who tried to make the wording insufficient - for Ukraine, Europe and our common freedom.

How do we evaluate the decision made?

It's very simple: it must be stronger. This is not what we expect.

It is necessary that the decisions of politicians coincide with the mood of their nations, European nations. We are aware of this mood. And they are aware of this mood.

Every politician is well aware!

The numbers are different in different countries, but there are polls and support is huge. At least 60 percent stand in favor. And this is the vast majority which stands for Ukraine to be part of Europe!

Europeans are clearly talking about this. And I'm sure they will clearly tell their politicians about this. If they haven't figured it out yet.

The decision of yesterday's meeting of EU leaders now reaches the level of the European Commission.

For implementation. For specific procedures.

The European Union must do more.

It must do more for us, for Ukraine. And for itself.

We are waiting for that. All European nations are waiting.

Our government officials have organized 12 humanitarian corridors today.

Cargo with food, water, medicine is already on the way. Izyum, Enerhodar, Volnovakha, Polohy, Bucha, Hostomel, Borodyanka, Andriivka, Mykulychi, Makariv, Kozarovychi, of course, Mariupol.

The Ukrainian servicemen have ensured "silence" for the humanitarian corridors to work.

If the invaders shoot and disrupt the rescue of people again, they will eventually receive such a response from the world that they themselves will need humanitarian corridors.

Our government officials, despite difficulties, are doing everything to ensure that there is fuel, products, medicines and all goods people need throughout the country.

Gasoline, diesel - everything is imported.

This morning I was asked a question at a daily conference call. Logical question. Given the spring. What about sowing? How to start it, especially in those areas that are temporarily occupied?

My answer is very simple: all over our land, no matter what, we have to organize a full-fledged sowing campaign this spring. Of course, as much as possible. It all depends on the people and the situation. Because it's about life. Life is more important. It’s about our life. About our dreams. About our future. And therefore, about our victory.

I repeat again and again: when we defend freedom, everyone must be like a full-fledged army.

Do everything we can in our place to get the result we all deserve. That's fair. To win. Necessarily.

Be sure to hold on. Be sure to fight. Be sure to give your all strength.

It will not be easy with such a neighbor. But with us, it will not be easy, too.

As it already turned out.

Glory to Ukraine!


Briefing of the Counsellor of the Head of Presidential Office of Ukraine Oleksii Arestovych

Military and political situation remains controllable by the leadership of Ukraine. During last 24 hours the enemy didn’t reach any significant advantage, and is stopped practically in all directions by our rockets and land army. In the north-west of Kyiv and near Kharkiv there were counter-attacks by Ukraine. During the night, our army made powerful attacks at the enemy’s clusters.

As a revenge, the enemy made rocket strikes at the Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk airports, at Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava regions, Dnipro and other places. This was an attempt to stop our aviation, but due to unprofessionalism of the Russian army, the strikes hit the civilians and residential houses. For example, in Dnipro the strikes were made at the shoe factory and a residential complex.


Deputy Prime Minister - Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk

Today at 9:00 a number of humanitarian corridors will be opened for the evacuation of residents from the settlements of Ukraine, who were particularly affected by the shelling by Russian troops. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk.

In particular, according to her, a corridor from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia will be opened (on the route Mariupol - Portivske - Manhush - bypassing Nikolske - Respublika village - Rozivka - Bilmak - Polohy - Orikhiv - Zaporizhzhia) with mandatory demining of the entire route.

"A convoy with humanitarian aid and buses to Mariupol will depart from Zaporizhzhia. We are waiting and hope that the route will work today," Iryna Vereshchuk said.

A corridor is also being launched from the town of Polohy, Zaporizhzhia region, in the direction of Zaporizhzhia (Polohy - Tokmak - Vasylivka - Kamyanske - Zaporizhzhia). A convoy of humanitarian aid and buses will depart from Zaporizhzhia to evacuate people from Polohy.

From Volnovakha to Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, a humanitarian corridor is opened along the route Volnovakha - Valeryanivka - Novoandriivka - Kyrylivka - Vuhledar - Pokrovsk.

"We really hope that this route will work today as well," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The corridor from Enerhodar to Zaporizhzhia on the route Enerhodar - Dniprorudne - Vasylivka - Zaporizhzhia is also being launched.

The corridor from the city of Izyum to the city of Lozova, Kharkiv region, on the route Izyum - Mala Komyshuvakha - Barvinkove - Blyznyuky - Lozova is open. Evacuation buses will arrive from the town of Lozova, and humanitarian supplies are also planned.

A corridor is launched from the city of Bucha, Kyiv region, to Kyiv on the route Bucha - Vorzel - Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka - Shpytky - Bilohorodka - Kyiv. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

Corridors are also open:

From Hostomel, Kyiv region, to Kyiv on the route Hostomel - Bucha - Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka - Shpytky - Petrushky - Bilohorodka - Kyiv. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

From the village of Kozarovychi, Kyiv region, to Kyiv on the route Kozarovychi - Lyutizh - Stari Petrivtsi - Novi Petrivtsi - Vyshhorod - Kyiv. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

From the village of Mykulychi, Kyiv region, to Kyiv on the route Mykulychi - Nemishayeve - Vorzel - Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka - the village of Mriya - Petrushky - Bilohorodka - Kyiv. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

From the city of Andriivka, Kyiv region, to Zhytomyr on the route Andriivka - Lypivka - Makariv - Nebelytsia - Stavyshche - Kocheriv - Korostyshiv - Hlybochytsia - Zhytomyr. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

From the city of Makariv, Kyiv region, to Zhytomyr on the route Makariv - Nebelytsia - Stavyshche - Kocheriv - Korostyshiv - Hlybochytsia - Zhytomyr. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

From Borodyanka, Kyiv region, to Zhytomyr on the route Borodyanka - Piskivka - Malyn - Radomyshl - Zhytomyr. Buses will be sent from Kyiv to evacuate people.

"Borodyanka did not work yesterday, it was reported to the Red Cross. And I sincerely hope that it will work today," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

Iryna Vereshchuk added that new routes of humanitarian corridors are being developed, which will bring the necessary medicines, water, products to the Kherson, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and other regions that are in dire need of it.


Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine

The armed forces of the Russian Federation, in violation of international humanitarian law, used small arms to kill three civilians in the villages of Stoyanka and Moshchun in the Bucha district.

As a result of enemy shelling, a kindergarten and an apartment building were damaged in Irpen, and private homes were damaged in Vita Pochtova village of Fastov district and Krasylivka village of Brovary district.


On March 11, in the morning in Ivano-Frankivsk, the Russian Armed Forces launched an air missile strike on a military airfield and the facilities of a military unit. As a result of the bombing, the infrastructure of the military unit was partially damaged. Information about the victims is being established.


On March 11, Russian armed forces fired missiles at residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure in the Novokodatskiy district of Dnipro.

Three aerial guided missile strikes damaged an apartment building, the district migration service and the district administration building. One of the shells fell near a kindergarten. Also, due to a shell hitting, a two-story shoe factory caught fire, which has not yet been eliminated. According to preliminary information one person was killed. There are no military facilities in the area.


Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

With the support of the President of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Media Group Ukraine, StarLightMedia, 1+1 media, InterMediaGroup, “Rada” channel and State Multimedia platform of foreign broadcasting of Ukraine launches a joint television project "FREEDOM".

The aim of the project is to create an information product aimed at Russian-speaking audiences during the war, especially in the Russian occupation forces.

Broadcasting the program of creating the group on the state TV channel "UATV", the channel consists of original programs of media production. The broadcast started on March 10 at 21:00 Kyiv time. Broadcasting is in 24/7 mode. UATV channel is available on satellite, IPTV and YouTube.

Satellite broadcasting will be available to viewers throughout Europe and the western part of the Russian Federation.


Ministry for Digital Transformation of Ukraine

In the two weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the number of sanctions against Russia has reached almost 6,000. This is even more than in Iran and North Korea.

Global companies continue to leave the aggressor state, including:

· One of the world's largest money transfer systems Western Union.

· Social network

· One of the largest online marketplaces in the world Fiverr.

· Three largest record labels - Sony, Warner Music and Universal Music.

· American antivirus Norton and the Czech antivirus Avast.

· Google disables the possibility of creating new accounts from the RF in the Adsense advertising network and stops the active accounts of Russians.

· Walt Disney Co. has announced that it will suspend all business in Russia, including content and product licensing, Disney Cruise Line, National Geographic magazine and its own television channel. 


The war forced Ukrainians to evacuate immediately to safer regions of the country. However, not everyone managed to take the necessary paper documents with them. And digital documents in Diia are not always available, because since the beginning of hostilities, all state registers have been disconnected for security reasons. 

Therefore, the Ministry for Digital Transformation has created an alternative - eDocument, that contains passport data and taxpayer number. This eDocument can be used for verifying identity at police or territory defence at checkpoints.

eDocument will automatically be available to all Diia users after updating the application.


State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

Mobile operators and Internet providers in Ukraine are stable and continue to provide electronic communications services.

In Kharkiv, mobile operators are rebuilding infrastructure to improve mobile communications. In Kherson, Kyivstar covers 96%, Vodafone 93%, and Lifecell 82%. Restoration works are underway in Melitopol, Chernihiv and Sumy after the occupier tried to destroy infrastructure and leave the area without communication.

The critical infrastructure of JSC Ukrtelecom is working. Due to a number of damages to the main lines, there was a temporary lack of access to Internet services in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. Provision of services has already been resumed in Zaporizhzhia oblast, restoration works in Kherson and Mykolayiv oblasts are being completed.

The provision of Internet services in the Kyiv region was completely restored after the accident.

Also, the operator lifted restrictions on the speed of Internet access in all oblasts, except Sumy - where priority is given to the critical needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and critical social infrastructure. The total number of regional communication nodes operating is 75%. 





Ministry of energy of Ukraine

Operation of the Ukrainian power system during March 10


The frequency in the UES of Ukraine in the grid is maintained at 50 Hz. The schedule of electricity consumption is normal, despite the increased consumption due to cooling. Power plants operate without failures: nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric, solar and wind.

Electricity is supplied in sufficient quantities to household consumers, the military and others. There is no reason to force a reduction in consumption.

Ukrenergo repairmen and distribution system operators, often risking their lives during detours and repairs, provide electricity to Ukrainians.

Atomic generation

Existing nuclear power plants continue to operate stably. The current capacity of all four Ukrainian NPPs provides the necessary volumes of electricity production for the needs of the country.

Radiation, fire and environmental conditions at nuclear power plants and adjacent territories have not changed and are within current standards.

At ZNPP, two power units are currently operating in the grid. No changes in the radiation status at the site and adjacent areas were recorded. NPP staff works at all six ZNPP units, but the plant's management has to agree on technical issues with the occupiers. The employees of the station are under strong psychological pressure, which negatively affects their work and endangers nuclear and radiation safety.

Oil and gas industry

All systems of Naftogaz Gas Supply Company are operating properly and in full. The enterprises Naftogaz Teplo, JSC Ukrtransnafta, JSC Ukrspetstransgaz, OJSC Kirovogradgaz operate in a regular mode and without accidents, in compliance with the requirements of martial law.

JSC Ukrgazvydobuvannya continues to produce gas at all its facilities, except for those near the line of contact.

UGS facilities are under heightened security and continue to operate normally, except for the Krasnopopivsky underground gas storage facility in Luhansk region, which has been shut down due to hostilities in the immediate vicinity of the facility.


All HPPs and PSPPs that are part of Ukrhydroenergo operate according to the dispatch schedule, regulating the frequency and capacity, covering peak loads and providing a mobile emergency reserve to the United Energy System of Ukraine.

Gas transmission system

In the morning, the Russian occupiers invaded GTS facilities at Novopskov compressor stations in Luhansk Oblast, Kupyansk, Kharkiv Oblast, interfered GTS facilities operation and jeopardized the safety of continuous gas transportation to consumers in Ukraine and Europe. The emergency situation and the threat were reported to law enforcement agencies, authorized state authorities, as well as PJSC Gazprom.




Energoatom completely refuses to purchase Russian nuclear fuel.

Ukrainian nuclear power plants are ready to operate without Russian nuclear fuel. To this end, Energoatom will continue to purchase nuclear fuel from Westinghouse.

Moreover, the Company will accelerate work on the production of fuel cartridges in Ukraine based on American Westinghouse technology. This will completely replace the fuel of Russian origin.


GTS Operator of Ukraine

Popasna town (Luhansk region) and adjacent localities remained without gas supply due to damage to the gas pipeline as a result of hostilities

The air section of the gas pipeline to the gas distribution station (GDS) Popasna was damaged due to hostilities. There are no victims among GTSOU employees.

The GDS operator turned off the crane and located the emergency area. As a result, gas supply to Popasna and nearby localities was ceased. More than 20 thousand residents are left without gas.

Since the specified section of the gas pipeline is in ​​a continuous military operations area, the GTSOU employees cannot start repairing the gas pipeline. As soon as the slightest opportunity arises, GTSOU specialists will start restoring Popasna’s gas supply.