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New Study Analyzes Effects of Service Rivalries

Thu, 02/28/2019 - 7:46pm

New Study Analyzes Effects of Service Rivalries by Tara Copp - Military Times

Does this sound like your service?


The Marine Corps is a “middleweight” naval expeditionary force in readiness; perceives itself as adaptive, innovative, and frugal; and is institutionally paranoid.


The Navy is characterized by “hierarchical structure, deep branch distinctions, and a preference for operating forward and independently from the other services.”


The Air Force values “technology above all else,” is “experiencing an internal identity crisis” and is “highly effective in competing for resources.”


The Army feels “that it alone understands war, and that it is too selfless, taking on every task asked of it.”


Those were some of the conclusions reached in a new think-tank study by the Rand Corp. looking at competitiveness between the services and how their culture succeeds or fails in beating out the other services for resources.


“Service personalities are alive and well,” Rand found, not only in a competition for budget dollars, but also for influential joint assignments and for integral missions in military operations.


Some compete more than others, Rand found…

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