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Africa: A Continent Where Partnership is in Demand

Africa: A Continent Where Partnership is in Demand by Chris Karns - Military Times

The strength of the United States is reflected by its values, diversity and what we can offer the world as a collective whole.


While the nation’s military might is unrivaled, a robust whole of government approach enables security, stability and prosperity. What the U.S. has proven it can deliver makes it a partner of choice for many.


This point became abundantly clear when I accompanied Ambassador Alexander Laskaris, deputy to the commander for civil-military engagement at U.S. Africa Command, to Nigeria, Benin and Cote D’Ivoire this week. Ambassador Laskaris conducted engagements with U.S. embassies, foreign and U.S. ambassadors, top African military leadership, and the president of Cote D’Ivoire, Alassane Dramane Ouattara…

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