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9/11/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 09/11/2023 - 9:01am

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National Security News Content:

1. A Patriot Day Remembrance - Armed Forces Press
2. Military Hall of Honor
3. Unconventional Warfare, 9/11 and the Future of U.S. Military Power (and BG Frank Toney)
4. Lessons From Ukraine for Security Force Assistance
5. Building the New Infantry: It’s All About Culture By Corporal Joshua Sulentic, USMC
6. Is the US getting Asia wrong?
7. Special Operations News - September 11, 2023 | SOF News
8. The Three Roadblocks Keeping Ukraine Mired in War
9. U.S. Military Exercises in Russia’s Backyard Cause Alarm at the Kremlin
10. Theaters of War That Make Up the Fighting in Ukraine
11. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, September 10, 2023
12. Ukrainians Embrace Cluster Munitions, but Are They Helping?
13 Opinion | Corruption Is an Existential Threat to Ukraine, and Ukrainians Know It
14. Recreating Western Deterrence
15. Jack Carr's take on the 9/11 terror attacks — including 'hope' and the lessons from Afghanistan
16.  In US-led drills, Australian and Indonesian forces deploy battle tanks
17. What a new ruling in a social media case means for cyber agencies
18. 'What happened at the Pentagon?' If we're not careful, 9/11 attacks will fade from memory.
19. It’s Time to Build Combined Forward Operating Base Sierra Madre
20. U.S. Diplomacy After the Russia-Ukraine War
21. EXCLUSIVE: US Navy vet Sarah Bils relaunched pro-Putin propaganda accounts on X and YouTube months after being investigated by DOJ
22. Ambitious Asia-to-Europe Corridor Will Link Up U.S. Partners
23. Australia-Philippines pact takes hard new aim at China
24. 10 Life Lessons from Ted Lasso

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korean leader's special train appears to have departed for Russia: officials
2. Kim Jong Un reportedly en route to Russia as Vladimir Putin arrives in Vladivostok for potential meeting
3. Britain's King Charles III congratulates N. Korea's Kim on key anniversary
4. Heavy security spotted at Vladivostok train station amid speculation of N.K. leader's visit
5. Inside Kim Jong Un’s luxurious — and slow — armored train
6. Doubts Cast on N.Korea’s ‘Nuclear Attack Submarine’ - North Korea
7. Earthquakes Get More Frequent Near N.Korea’s Nuke Test Site - North Korea
8. New N.Korean Sub Must Not Be Underestimated
9. Kim Jong-un looks to stoke patriotism ahead of Putin meeting
10. Arms deal between Kim and Putin could prompt Seoul to expand support for Kyiv
11. Kim-Putin’s Vladivostok bromance may risk global security, from Europe to Asia
12. Who is starving in North Korea in 2023 and why?  Analyzing the situation through Amartyra Sen’s theories on famine 
13.  Unification minister meets UN rapporteur for N. Korea's human rights
14. Yoon likely to reshuffle Cabinet this week
15. Two Sunan Airport employees arrested for taking bribes from returnees