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2/9/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 02/09/2024 - 8:57am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 8, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, February 8, 2024
3. Fact Sheet: US Assistance to Ukraine (Institute for the Study fo War)
4. Drink, Think, Link – Guiding Online Mentorship
5. Who is Ukraine's new army chief appointed by Zelenskyy?
6. Pentagon finishes review of Austin's failure to tell Biden and other leaders about his cancer
7. Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin
8. Bipartisan lawmakers eye 'pilot program' to expedite citizenship for migrants who serve in US military
9. US may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops
10. SOCOM gearing up to assess air-launched kamikaze drones
11. Removal of Ukraine’s “Iron General” is one of Zelenskyy’s biggest gambles
12. China is winning the battle for the Red Sea
13. Non-state actors and the phantom of asymmetry
14. US military drills in Philippines unaffected by America's focus on Ukraine and Gaza, US general says
15. How Tech Giants Turned Ukraine Into an AI War Lab
16. Ian Bremmer on Putin and Tucker
17. US Army spent billions on a new helicopter that now will never fly
18. Top Army’s generals for cyber, space and special operations convene for Triad partnership
19. When Houthis fire missiles, these Navy warship officers must make split-second decisions
20. The UN agency that’s supposed to aid Palestinian refugees has only made things worse
21. US Congress’ COFA Delay Jeopardizes a Key Element of the’ Free and Open Indo-Pacific’
22. How actually to compete with China
23. US Army special forces train Taiwan troops near Chinese coast
24. Ending the Churn: To Solve the Recruiting Crisis, the Army Should Be Asking Very Different Questions
25. Uncrewed Systems and the Transformation of U.S. Warfighting Capacity
26. The Looming Crisis in the South China Sea

Korean News Content:

1. South Korea releases top secret survey of North Korean escapees
2. Does North Korea Want a War? Study the Ukraine Conflict for Clues
3. N Korean leader shuns talks with South, threatens ‘annihilation’
4. Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Pays Congratulatory Visit to Ministry of National Defence on Day of Army Founding
5. N.K. leader calls S. Korea 'primary foe,' vows to protect country with power
6. Russian tourists embark on 1st post-COVID group trip to N. Korea
7. Unification minister says Seoul to share data on Japanese abductees with Tokyo: interview
8. JCS chief inspects military readiness at missile command, fighter wing
9. Editorial: S. Korea’s regrettably late call to China on halting North Korean defector repatriation
10. US expresses deep concern over Russia's reported move to release frozen NK assets
11. S. Korea joins elephant walk during US-led multinational air exercise
12. Kim Jong Un Says He Has Lawful Right to Destroy South Korea
13. Signs of rare unrest among North Korean workers in China, researchers say
14. Korean, US Marines hold joint regular drills in Pohang
15. China has a Putin-Kim problem