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2/6/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 02/06/2024 - 9:40am

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National Security News Content:

1. Special Operations Force Structure: Strategic Calculus or Organizational Power?
2. Americans Need Domestic Unity for Effective Foreign Policy
3. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, February 5, 2024
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, February 5, 2024
5. How Primed for War Is China?
6. How cheap drones are transforming warfare in Ukraine
7. Disinformation Aimed at Policymakers
8. Today’s disinformation economy was built on the lying techniques of Big Tobacco
9. Fear and Ambition Propel Xi’s Nuclear Acceleration
10. Failure at the Wall Street Journal
11. Amid growing criticism of Biden foreign policy, experts credit wins while leaving room for improvement
12. History Has No Lessons for You: A Warning for Policymakers
13. Israel Admits It Targeted Own Citizens With Graphic Misinformation Channel
14. The Marines are retaining women at significantly higher rates than men
15. Waking A Weary Superpower
16. Here’s how to help solve Ukraine’s drone shortage problem
17. War Books: A Reading List for Strategic Competition with China
18. A Conversation with Gen. Randy George, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army
19. The Key to Ukrainian Victory is Partnering (not Ukrainifying)
20. Three Years After Coup, Myanmar Military Junta Falling Apart – OpEd
21. ‘A race against time’: Taiwan strives to root out China’s spies
22. Transfer of Army special operators to Baumholder on track for 2026
23. Biden response strikes only a distraction unless they target, destroy top Iranian military leaders, capabilities
24. Take a look at the tanker-like warship the US has used as a floating Navy SEAL base
25. Civil War 2.0: Scenario 1--Insurrection Redux?

Korean News Content:

1. China's President has Power Over Kim Jong Un. Will he Use it for Denuclearization?
2. How to Reduce Nuclear Risks Between the United States and North Korea
3. A Russian Bank Account May Offer Clues to a North Korean Arms Deal
4. North Korea Has Lost the ‘Unification Competition’
5. If You Want Peace, Prepare for War, and Diplomacy
6. South Koreans stay calm as they see showmanship in the North's escalating threats
7. North Koreans’ consumption of foreign media grows over last decade: Survey
8. Halfway Deal: How Joe Biden Can Cap North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program
9. South Korean poll finds many unconvinced Trump would help rid North Korea of nukes
10. North Korea defectors cite dwindling food rations, market reliance -study
11. Analysis: North Korean Ballistic Missiles Fired Against Ukraine
12. <Inside N. Korea> Authorities threaten defectors with firing squads and imprisonment at neighborhood watch unit meetings…Massive search launched to find suspected defector
13. China reaffirms support for inter-Korean ties amid peninsula tensions
14. Standing firm in support of Ukraine
15. Culture ministry aims to make S. Korea global cultural power
16. Ex-defense minister, ex-presidential chief of staff granted special presidential pardons
17. More N. Koreans negative about leader Kim Jong-un, hereditary power succession: report