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1/9/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/09/2024 - 9:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. FOLLOW-UP with updated report – Defense Primer: What Is Irregular Warfare?

2. Cutting Army Special Operations Will Erode the Military’s Ability to Influence the Modern Battlefield

3. DoD Memo: Review of Notification Process for Assumption of Functions and Duties of the Secretary of Defense

4. Marine Corps Provides Update on General Smith

5. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 8, 2024

6. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 8, 2024

7. 39 years ago, a KGB defector chillingly predicted modern America

8. Water in Chinese missiles' tanks is a fake story

9. Scanning the Horizon: If the Future is Unknowable, Why Bother with Forecasting?

10. With each strike, fears grow that Israel, the US and Iran's allies are inching closer to all-out war

11. The Russian Art of War: How the West led Ukraine to defeat

12. Tired Zelensky looks too weak to achieve victory

13. Putin’s Unsustainable Spending Spree

14. Can Republicans Find Consensus on Foreign Policy?

15. Blinken carries Arab message to Israel: keep Palestinian state hope alive

16. DOD leaders often overlook officers’ education in future assignments

17. Exhausted, on the Defensive and at ‘Hell’s Gate’ in Ukraine

18. Army sending additional 'data stewards' to commands, defining data roles

19. The Chinese Soldier Trained By Americans to Kill Americans

20. SECNAV Del Toro Names Next-Generation Hospital Ship Bethesda

21. Wanted: Airmen and Guardians Urged to Apply to Grueling Army Ranger School

22. Inside the daring plot to rescue an American soldier’s mother from Gaza

23. Opinion | So far, there’s no defense for Lloyd Austin’s hospital silence

24. The climate costs of war and militaries can no longer be ignored

25. India can unite Global South with developed world

26. The U.S. Military Must Transform and Coordinate

27. The Myth of an Apolitical Military: A Call to Action

28. The Great Scramble –   Analysis of the politically "homeless" in America

29. Jason Statham’s ‘Beekeeper’ Clip Unleashes Fury with Everyday Tools

Korean News Content:

1. Exploring Peaceful Coexistence with North Korea

2. N Korea keeping Russia rich in missiles and shells

3. North Korea: the forgotten front in the global wars

4. Military set to resume drills halted under 2018 inter-Korean accord buffer zones

5. Hamas is using North Korean weapons in Gaza, South Korea confirms

6. S. Korea to strengthen border surveillance with AI technology

7. Kremlin has 'no comment' on U.S., Ukraine claims it fired North Korean missiles

8. S. Korea to hold forums on N.K. human rights in Washington, Geneva

9. Dog Meat Will Be Off the Menu in South Korea

10. N. Korea’s redefining of inter-Korean relationship causes concern inside the country

11. Soldier’s freezing death prompts military to build inns across country (north Korea)

12. Defense chief calls for stronger anti-drone measures against N. Korea

13. S Korea revamps National Security Office with economic focus

14. Kim Jong Un reopens political prison camp to house political enemies

15. Possible COVID-19 cases surge in North Korea near border with China

16. When will North Korea do something good for the world?

17. DNA Exclusive: Will Kim Jong-Un's Actions Trigger A Third World War?

18. A Tax by Any Other Name: Understanding North Korea’s “Non-tax Burden” System

19. ‘No more buffer zone based on 2018 military agreement,’ S. Korea says