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1/8/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 01/08/2024 - 10:45am

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National Security News Content:

1. Intellectual Firepower: Reviewing the DoD Education System (RAND Report)
2. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin remains hospitalized Sunday
3. Mother and uncle of US soldier rescued from Gaza in secret operation
4. Blinken seeks to head off wider war as Israel pursues Gaza offensive
5. NATO signs off on $5.5 billion contract for hundreds of Patriot missiles
6. US Military (USSOCOM) Searching for New Long-Range Sniper Rifle in Bid to Keep Edge over Russia and China
7. Firearm-Related Suicides Among Women Veterans Are Rising. We Must Do More on Secure Gun Storage.
8. Lesson of the Strike That Killed Soleimani
9. Nord Stream Probe Faces Resistance From Poland
10. Congressional Negotiators Reach Agreement on $1.6 Trillion Government Spending Level for 2024
11. China Says It Detained a Foreign Consultant for Spying for Britain
12. Options for the United States regarding Piratical Attacks against Commercial Shipping in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.
13. The Terrorist-Aid Agency
14. Russia Acquires North Korean Missiles, Eyes Iranian Missiles
15. Israel Plans for Next Phase of Gaza War, Defense Minister Says
16. Chinese Warships Eavesdrop on Joint U.S., Philippine Naval Drills in South China Sea
17. Biden retains confidence in Austin despite hospitalization secrecy
18. Philippines turns to hackers for help as US warns of China cyber threat
19. Remaking Mistakes in Gaza
20. China’s Game in Gaza
21. Want A Bigger U.S. Navy? Invest In America’s Waterfront Communities
22.  Biden has dangerously decayed deterrence — and every American is at risk by Michael R. Pompeo
23.  Ukrainian forces destroy Russian orbital satellite jamming system – video
24. "Modern Jedburghs: Bridging History to Strengthen Ukraine's Defense" OpEd by Mike Robinson, Radio Free Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea's spy agency confirms Hamas' suspected use of N. Korean weapons
2. FM nominee stresses need to work with China while maintaining alliance with U.S.
3. N. Korea makes no mention of leader's 40th birthday
4. Kim Jong Un calls Kishida ‘Your Excellency’ on shelling day
5. Russia Acquires North Korean Missiles, Eyes Iranian Missiles
6. Russia is using North Korean missiles in Ukraine, US says. That’s bad news for Asia
7. Kim Jong-un's daughter on track to assume power as aunt fades from spotlight: analysts
8. A Bleak Outlook for Inter-Korean Relations in 2024
9. N. Korean leader calls for increased poultry production amid food shortages
10. South scraps maritime buffer zone after North fires artillery shells
11. Seoul declares maritime buffer zone with North ineffective
12. <Inside N. Korea> Government implements wage by more than 10 times (1)  Wages increase for employees of state-run enterprises and government agencies
13. Life On The Frontline: Fear, Camaraderie On S. Korean Border Island
14. Selling Kim Jong-un T-shirt isn't national security crime: police