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1/23/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 01/23/2024 - 9:43am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 22, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 22, 2024
3. 21 Israeli troops are killed in the deadliest attack on the military since the Gaza offensive began
4. Exclusive: Israel’s spy chief proposed letting Hamas leaders leave Gaza as part of broader ceasefire talks
5. A War in All but Name Simmers at Israel-Lebanon Border
6. South Korean official touts fledgling drone command as global model
7. ‘China strikes hard at terrorism’: Beijing’s new white paper praises its tough measures in Hong Kong and Xinjiang
8. Congress vs. the U.S. Military
9. Kyiv Missile Attack: Multiple Explosions in Capital as Russia Launches Massive Strike
10. Yemen: US and British forces strike Houthis again
11. Norwegian Factory Gears Up to Supply Ammunition to Ukraine
12. The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships
13. The Military Recruiting Outlook Is Grim Indeed. Loss of Public Confidence, Political Attacks and the Economy Are All Taking a Toll.
14. ‘America Is Under Attack’: Inside the Anti-D.E.I. Crusade
15. DEI Is Worth Saving From Its Excesses
16. US Cyber Command aiming to consolidate disparate programs in warfighting platform in 2024
17.  New Airstrikes Target Houthi Forces In Yemen (Updated)
18. The Army Has a Competition Problem
19. Trust the AI, But Keep Your Powder Dry: A Framework for Balance and Confidence in Human-Machine Teams
20. The Game of Irregular Warfare across Global Economic Chokepoints
21. Rocket-Powered Corruption: Why the Missile Industry Became the Target of Xi’s Purge
22. Opinion - Why Iran Doesn’t Want a War
23. Bind Ukraine’s Military-Technology Revolution to Rapid Capability Development
24. End America’s unwise alliance with Qatar
25. Navy IDs two SEALs who died during sea mission off Somalia
26. A New Concern on the Ukrainian Battlefield: North Korea’s Latest Missiles
27. The Strategic Case for Democracy Promotion in Asia
28. Containment for AI – How to Adapt a Cold War Strategy to a New Threat
29. Top military chief says UK Special Forces are vanguard for wider defence
30. CIA tries to recruit double agents in Russia with new video
31. We've made progress on our nuclear deterrent, but much more is needed
32. Why Russia needs invisibility cloaks for its forces

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea says N. Korean leader Kim's hostile rhetoric will not affect gov't blueprint on unification
2. S. Korean envoy lambasts N. Korea-Russia cooperation, UNSC resolution breach
3. Ukrainian delegation visits K-water for post-war reconstruction cooperation
4. South Korean official touts fledgling drone command as global model
5. Over 40 countries condemn Pyongyang-Moscow arms transfers
6. A New Concern on the Ukrainian Battlefield: North Korea’s Latest Missiles
7. Kim’s about-face triggers panic among activists
8.  Kim Jong-un nostalgic for Trump-era diplomacy: Seoul defense chief
9. S. Korea urges China to protect NK defectors' human rights at UN review
10. North Korea's recent hostile words and actions
11. Is North Korea's leader actually considering war?
12.  North Korea signals readiness for war, and key ally China may be powerless to stop it
13. South Korea’s ban on praising the North is ridiculous
14. Putin's visit to N. Korea imminent
15. Underwear boss accused of illegal North Korea remittance to be released on bail
16. S. Korean diplomatic missions under fire for wrong depiction of flag, traditional clothing