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1/19/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 01/19/2024 - 10:13am

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National Security News Content:

1. In Memoriam Major General Robert H. Scales, Jr.
2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 18, 2024
3. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 18, 2024
4. Israel Intensifies Raids Against Palestinians in West Bank
5. Israel-Gaza war live updates: Houthis target tanker in third attack on commercial shipping in three days
6. China’s Economy Is in Serious Trouble by Paul Krugman
7. Defense chief Austin asked to testify before Congress on hospital secrecy
8. Japan will attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon precisely
9. Ukraine is piling pressure on China to help it end the war. But Beijing’s plans for peace are focused on Gaza
10. The Principle of Proportionality in the DoD Law of War Manual
11. Military-technological cooperation across the Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific
12. After Taiwan's election, its new envoy to the US offers assurances to Washington and Beijing
13. Where might the US station its B-21 bombers to deter China?
14. Taiwan’s Democracy Draws Envy and Tears for Visiting Chinese
15. Challenges And Prospects For Peace In Southeast And East Asia Is Acknowledged As ‘Navigating Complexities’
16. How cyberscams are drawing China into Myanmar’s civil war
17. West Must Be Prepared For War With Russia, NATO Official Warns Ahead Of Major Military Drills
18. Recent GPS Failures in Poland and Baltic States Blamed on Russian Electronic Warfare Trials
19. Gaza’s Underground: Hamas’s Entire Politico-Military Strategy Rests on Its Tunnels
20. Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians Remains Possible
21. Triple threat: N Korea, Iran flaunt new missile tech to Russia
22. The War in Ukraine Now Has Its First Draft – The One Element Keeping Ukraine From Total Defeat
23. ‘Wake up!’ European lawmakers warn Washington over Ukraine aid delays
24. US battle with Houthi rebels shows no signs of stopping
25. US Military Can’t Sustain Arctic Operations, ‘Let Alone Dominate,’ Experts Say
26. Why an Army Special Forces vet remains in custody on Jan. 6 charges

Korean News Content:

1. Is North Korea Really Getting Ready for a War Against America?
2. N.K. says it tested underwater nuclear weapons system in response to trilateral drills
3. UNSC holds closed-door meeting on N. Korean issues amid heightened peninsula tensions
4. N. Korean foreign minister returns home after trip to Russia
5. Top diplomats of N. Korea, Russia discuss 'upcoming political contacts': reports
6. S. Korea's military power 5th in world; N. Korea ranks 36th: index
7. North Korea’s Missiles Are Being Tested on the Battlefields of Ukraine
8. Assessing South Korea’s Nuclear Dilemma Amid Pyongyang’s Live-Drills
9. North Korea threat could change 'drastically' given Russia cooperation-US official
10. North Korea says it has tested another underwater nuclear drone
11. North Korea teens get 12 years' hard labour for watching K-pop - video
12. North Korea: Rare footage shows teens sentenced to hard labour over K-drama
13. North Koreans Executed By Kim Regime For Violating COVID Restrictions
14. Kim Jong Un is daring Seoul to escalate. Both Koreas must step back from brink.
15. North Korea Doesn’t Want Reunification — or War
16. Kim Jong Un’s Declaration of a Hostile Relationship Between North and South Korea Is a Big Deal
17. Kim Jong Un observed getting off Benz SUV worth 260 million won
18. S Korea calls for UN action amid escalating N Korean provocations
19. What occurred behind the veil in N.Korea 2020-2023…A disaster unfolding due to shifts in the Kim Jong-un regime’s policies…Part 2: The impact of the border closure…escape is now almost impossible
20. Inmates in North Korea’s prisons still face dire conditions
21. N. Koreans quietly speculate about Kim Jong Un’s successor
22. N. Korea’s police agency chastised for impolite language in reports to Kim Jong Un
23. Camp Humphreys gives all-clear on tap water following quality concerns
24. Triple threat: N Korea, Iran flaunt new missile tech to Russia