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1/17/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 01/17/2024 - 9:01am

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 16, 2024
2. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 16, 2024
3. CENTCOM: Iranian Weapons Seized in VBSS, Two SEALs Missing | SOF News
4. Arsenal of Autocracy: North Korea and Iran are arming Russia in Ukraine
5. With 'God's-eye view,' secretive surveillance flights keep close watch on Russia and Ukraine
6. US to relist Yemen's Houthis as specially designated global terrorists, AP sources say
7. A freed Israeli hostage relives horrors of captivity and fears for her husband, still held in Gaza
8. How the War in Gaza Revived the Axis of Resistance
9. America Can’t Surpass China’s Power in Asia
10. Trump Is Already Reshaping Geopolitics by Graham Allison
11. Getting “Left-of-Launch” in the Counter-Drone Fight
12. Twilight of the Davos Gods: The Economic Forum Loses Its Relevance in a Time of War
13. Why Saudi Arabia Is Staying on the Sidelines in the Red Sea Conflict
14. The secret history of the Air Force One shadow fleet
15. Taiwan Learned You Can’t Fight Fake News by Making It Illegal
16. First Preemptive Strikes Against Houthi Missiles Preparing To Fire Launched By U.S.
17. Fear Not: US Military Aid to Ukraine Is Coming By Kurt Volker
18. Free Surgeries and Prescriptions: White House Staff Got Access to Military Health Care Despite Being Ineligible
19. Army has too many infantry, armor lieutenants, asks some to switch to combat-support jobs
20. Iran Will Escalate Until It Pays a Price
21. A Peaceful Solution on Taiwan Is Slipping Away
22. Israel releases data on three months of fighting in Gaza
23. Israel Hints at Lebanon Ground Operations
24. Israel SitRep: Jan. 16, 2024
25. Opinion | The Houthis sink an arrow into the West’s Achilles’ heel
26. Iran and the Houthis Don’t Get Biden’s Message

Korean News Content:

1. Putin meets N. Korean FM amid deepening military cooperation
2. S. Korea, U.S., Japan stage joint naval drill involving aircraft carrier
3. Defense chief says N. Korea appears to have made 'some progress' in hypersonic missile development
4. Unification minister visits front-line Army unit amid heightened tensions
5. Arsenal of Autocracy: North Korea and Iran are arming Russia in Ukraine
6. North Korea's Most Advanced Drones Reemerge, Solid Fuel IRBM Tested
7. Train accident in North Korea kills more than 400 people
8. N Korea's Kim abandons unification goal with South
9. Kim Jong Un urges defining S. Korea as primary foe in its constitution
10. Kim Jong Un calls for removal of unification concept
11. North Korea continues its provocations
12. After a rough run, North Korea could at last find itself 'sitting pretty' in the new year with both Russia and China courting it, Korea watcher says
13. Pyongyang likely to be Putin's 1st destination after May inauguration: experts
14. Putin meets North's top diplomat, but Kremlin light on detail
15. S Korea implements new sanctions amid Pyongyang threatsS Korea implements new sanctions amid Pyongyang threats
16. Lawyers accuse China of repatriating 100 more North Korean defectorsLawyers accuse China of repatriating 100 more North Korean defectors
17. South Korea’s spy chief vows to win public trustSouth Korea’s spy chief vows to win public trust