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1/14/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 01/14/2024 - 11:10am

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National Security News Content:

1. Drones Are Changing How Wars Are Fought

2. Will the Strikes on the Houthis Make any Difference?

3. C.I.A. Homes In on Hamas Leadership, U.S. Officials Say

4. Female saboteurs who poisoned 46 Russian soldiers in Crimea are on the run after shoot-out with police, say reports

5. Two Navy SEALs missing after Thursday night mission off Somalian coast

6. Opinion: Furious: How the West is Getting Things So Wrong

7. Opinion: Where is General Gerasimov and Why Does it Matter?

8. Why Taiwan’s Election Matters to the World

9. How Lloyd Austin’s medical mystery ignited a firestorm

10. Oct. 7 was the opening attack in Iran’s ‘ring of fire’ war against Israel by John Bolton

11. Austin ordered strikes from hospital where he continues to get prostate cancer care, Pentagon says

12. Biden: ‘We do not support independence’ for Taiwan

13. A Navy In Crisis: It's Time For The Conference Of Admirals

14. Human Rights Watch warns of authoritarian slide across Asia region

Korean News Content:

1. Russia Is Using North Korean Missiles in Ukraine: What Happens Next?

2. N. Korea fires suspected IRBM toward East Sea: S. Korean military

3. N. Korea's foreign minister to visit Russia this week

4. N. Korea sends delegation to Non-Aligned Movement summit in Uganda

5. North Korea fires first ballistic missile of the year Sunday

6. Crisis management with North Korea

7. Biden gives greetings on Korean American Day

8. Training soldiers: ideology, discipline and geopolitics (South Korea)

9. Taiwan election result could put S. Korea-China relations to test

10. North Korea launches suspected intermediate-range ballistic missile that can reach distant US bases

11. A Lesson on Human Suffering from a Kibbutz

12. The Age of Middle Powers Has Arrived

13. Interview: How a North Korean defector’s daring escape led him to ROK politics

14. From Moscow to Pyongyang: How Russia’s anger toward West drove it to North Korea by Andrei Lankov