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1/13/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 01/13/2024 - 11:28am

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National Security News Content:

1. Analytical material on the security situation in Ukraine as of January 2024, with a forecast of the development of events for the spring campaign.

2. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, January 12, 2024

3. Israel–Hamas War (Iran) Update, January 12, 2024

4. Data as Ammunition: Hyper-Personalized Warfare in the Digital Age

5. Taiwan’s January 2024 Elections: What You Need to Know

6. Ukraine’s Fifth Column Shoots, Burns, and Poisons Deep Inside Russia

7. ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Review: Dreams of Empire

8. Taiwan Voters Defy Beijing in Electing New President

9. AI Disinformation – We Need New Defenses

10. U.S. Strikes Give Yemen’s Houthis the Enemy They Long Sought

11. Yemen is a war worth fighting

12.  Why 2024 is the Voldemort of years

13. American Universities Are Post Truth

14. A Rebellion in Yale’s Secret Societies

15. Scandalous Indoctrination: Inside a Kings College Counter-Terrorism Course for UK Civil Servants

16. Myanmar insurgents virtue signaling to China

17. A Top Biden Official Is Pushing An Alarming Plan For Gaza After The War

18. Is the US prepared for war in the Far East?

19. SOF Pic of the Day: Bringing SFC Chapman Home, 2002

Korean News Content:

1. Tae Yong-ho on North Korea’s Purposeful Aggression

2. Blinken, senior Chinese official discuss N. Korea, Taiwan, Russia's war in Ukraine

3. N. Korea reportedly trades arms in Russian luxury goods

4. N. Korea halts radio station known for sending coded messages to spies in Seoul

5. [INTERVIEW] Philippines seeks to forge strategic partnership with Korea this year

6. Why 2024 is the Voldemort of years

7. Condemning China, rejecting refugees

8. North Korea to welcome Russian tourists, the country's first since the pandemic, report says

9. N. Korean grain prices continue upward trend into the New Year

10. Prices of rice sold in N. Korea’s state-run food shops similar to market prices

11. Is the US prepared for war in the Far East?

12. Veteran sculptor appointed special adviser for envisioned N.K. human rights center