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11/15/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 11/15/2022 - 10:13am

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National Security News Content:

1. Readout of President Joe Biden’s Meeting with President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China | The White House
3. Ukraine:  CDS Daily brief (14.11.22) CDS comments on key events
4. 4 takeaways from President Biden's 'very blunt' meeting with China's Xi Jinping
5. The Seeds of Russia's Military Collapse in Ukraine Were Planted by its Bungled Elimination of Conscription
6. Elbridge Colby Has It Right on Taiwan and Ukraine
7. Lawmakers Urge More Action to Ensure Resilience of the U.S. Economy
8. Grounded: Why Biden Must Sanction Iranian Aviation
9. The IAEA’s Iran NPT Safeguards Report - November 2022
10. Turkey Seeks Sovereign Immunity in Two Cases Before the Supreme Court
11. Exclusive: Russian software disguised as American finds its way into U.S. Army, CDC apps
12. Drowning death spotlights problem with older military dive vests
13. Biden-Xi lower the temperature in cooldown summit
14. Biden’s Nuclear Policy Fails the Ukraine Test
15. Senator to Elon Musk: 'Fix Your Companies. Or Congress Will'
16. Video: China buying US farmland near military bases
17. CCP: Who makes up the party
18. Should the United States Pledge to Defend Taiwan?
19. Too Sino-Centric? US Marine Corps Needs Bottom-Up Reform
20. Weapons of the War in Ukraine

Korean News Content:

1. South Korea’s defense minister lays out four results from trip to US
2. Combined command in South Korea completes ‘historic’ move to Camp Humphreys
3. Biden warns North Korea on nuclear test. But he needs to act — now.
4. North Korea sees more use of cell phones, WiFi networks - U.S. researchers
5. Twenty Years of Mobile Communications in North Korea
6. South Korean general thanks US troops for rescuing civilians in Itaewon crowd surge
7. Through a Glass, A Little Less Darkly: North Korean Nuclear Command and Control in Light of Recent Developments
8. Yoon stumbles between Beijing and Washington
9. Textbook to refer to N. Korea as 'regime' instead of 'government'
10. Yoon, China's Xi hold 1st summit in Bali
11.  Biden says U.S. will have to take 'defensive' steps if N. Korea conducts nuclear test
12. China causes be targeted by trilateral security systems i
13.  IFJ slams S. Korean presidential office's decision to ban MBC reporters from boarding Air Force One
14. Yoon, Xi not on same page over North Korean threats
15. Facing North Korea’s Missile Threats, South Korea, US, Japan Reaffirm Joint Commitment
16. It’s too easy for the west to see North Korea as a WTF curiosity. We need to do better
17. Biden Threatens North Korea, War Games Continue in Philippine Sea