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1/11/24 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Thu, 01/11/2024 - 9:37am

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National Security News Content:

1. China’s Messaging to the U.S.: Don’t Rock the Boat
2. Is a Leading Ukraine Skeptic Influencing White House Policy?
3. South Africa tells the UN top court Israel is committing genocide in Gaza as a landmark case begins
4. South Africa Takes Israel to Court
5. Xi’s Chief of Staff Is Quietly Amassing Even More Power in China
6. Taiwan bombarded with cyberattacks ahead of election
7. Israel Has No Plans to Force Palestinians Out of Gaza or Permanently Occupy It, Netanyahu Says
8. China’s Communist party watchdog warns business of graft crackdown
9. American intel officials warn of risk of Hezbollah attacking U.S.
10. Why China Would Struggle to Invade Taiwan
11. Senator's hold is a dangerous attempt to stifle discussion
12. Millionaire conwoman, 57, is accused of bilking US Army out of over $100 MILLION
13. Lawmakers launch investigation into Austin’s health secrecy
14. Hamas Tunnel Found Near School, Rocket Launcher Near Kindergarten
15. Hamas’s Top Terrorist Leadership
16. This 2024 presidential election could change the world – and it’s not happening in the US
17. China tells U.S. it will ‘never compromise’ on Taiwan as the island’s election draws near
18. Opinion | The U.S. nudges Israel toward an off-ramp from war
19. US Is Weaponizing New Economic Tools to Slow China’s War Machine
20. Army Sees Sharp Decline in White Recruits
21. Top Marine could return to work in a matter of weeks, Del Toro says
22. Meet the skateboarding Green Beret shredding the civilian-military gap
23. No, Taylor Swift is not a Pentagon PsyOp
24. How Lloyd Austin’s Deputy Ended Up Running the Pentagon From the Beach
25. Fifty-Five Hours of Risk: The Dangerous Implications of Slow Attack Attribution
26. Victory Is Ukraine’s Only True Path to Peace
27. Iran's 'Axis of Resistance' Becomes an 'Axis of Escalation' | Opinion
28. Don’t Bomb the Houthis
29. Opinion | Lloyd Austin doesn’t deserve to be the piñata of the day in Washington
30. Analysis | Senators warn AI could lead to ‘destruction’ of local news

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea to conduct global survey on inter-Korean unification
2. Some 10 high-ranking N. Korean officials defected to S. Korea last year
3. White House official not aware of any indications about N. Korea-Hamas military cooperation
4. 2.4 magnitude earthquake strikes near N. Korea's nuclear test site
5.  Spy chief nominee denies benefits from dubious property deal with Exxon Mobil
6. South Korea’s Opposition Head Was Stabbed to Stop Him Becoming President, Police Say
7. Defense chief says N. Korea may supply tactical guided missiles to Russia
8. Recent Kim Jong Un order equates “delusions about South Korea” with “death”
9. N. Korean officers’ academy cadet dismissed due to checkered past
10. US and allies accuse Russia of using North Korean missiles against Ukraine, violating UN sanctions
11. North Korean propaganda sites targeting South go dark in simultaneous outage
12. S. Korea to begin production of homegrown KF-21 fighter jet
13. North expanding chemical complex critical to nuclear and missile programs
14. N Korea erases ‘one people’ notion with South, opens door for nuclear use
15. US should follow South Korea’s lead and invest in families
16. Trump dashes across North Korean border in bid for asylum (note satire)