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10/15/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Fri, 10/15/2021 - 9:21am

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National Security News Content:

1. World Powers Lead Massive Show of Might in the Philippine Sea
2. Can the U.S. and Chinese Militaries Get Back on Speaking Terms?
3. CENTCOM disputes Air Force account of attempted hijacking at Kabul airport during Afghanistan evacuation
4. Robert Gates: Afghanistan withdrawal 'probably did not need to have turned out that way'
5. The active-duty Army is facing a record suicide rate. Leaders have no idea how to fix it
6. U.S. Aims to Resume Regular Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan
7. ‘I Never Believed That Would Happen’: After 20 Years of War, an Abrupt End
8. What Should A $100 Billion Japanese Military Look Like?
9. Can't Sail Away from Cyber Attacks: 'Sea-Hacking' from Land
10. Why Do Armed Robot Dogs Make Us Uncomfortable?
11. Have South Korean Conservatives Made a Full Comeback?
12. FDD | Blinken Affirms Softening of U.S. Policy Toward Assad Regime
13. FDD | Western Governmental Funds Divest From West Bank While Investing in China
14. Book Review: Special Forces Berlin: Clandestine Cold War Operations of the US Army’s Elite, 1956–1990
15. Thermal Camouflage Sheet Technology Make Soldiers Nearly Undetectable
16. Exclusive--O'Donnell: How 25 Americans Stopped an Army
17. Navy announces discharge details for coronavirus vaccine refusers
18. Less ‘prestigious’ journals can contain more diverse research, by citing them we can shape a more just politics of citation.
19. “Hacker X”—the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire—unmasks himself
20. The Wagner Group Has Its Eyes on Mali: A New Front in Russia’s Irregular Strategy

Korean News Content:

1. Moon meets with CIA chief, touts Korea-U.S. alliance: Cheong Wa Dae
2. U.S. awaits N. Korean response to U.S. proposals for dialogue: State Dept.
3. S. Korea considering 'diverse' ways with U.S. for N. Korea dialogue: ministry
4. N. Korea opens western sea route to receive medical supplies: UNICEF
5. Ransomware suspects nabbed in int'l probe involving S. Korea
6. Can the Biden Administration Tempt North Korea Back to the Table?
7. North Korea Forces New Military Officers to Volunteer for Harsh Front-Line Duty
8. The Korean Invasion – Can Cultural Exports Give South Korea a Geopolitical Boost?
9. <Inside N. Korea> "Shoot Anyone Who Steals the Harvest." Live Ammunition Distributed at Cooperative Farms and Security Measures Taken on a 24-hour Basis.
10. Some regions of N. Korea sell rice and corn to population to mark Party Foundation Day
11.  Young children in N. Korea still being forced to fulfill "non-tax burdens" ahead of the winter
12. North Korea's Kim Jong-un faces 'paradise on Earth' lawsuit
13. Navy to press ahead with aircraft carrier project despite skepticism
14. Deciphering Kim Jong-un’s Second Policy Speech
15. The four shadows cast by AUKUS