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Gordon James Knowles


Dr. Gordon James Knowles, Ph.D.; is a thirty-two career Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Officer in the United States Army Reserve holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He fought against Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) insurgents during Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2005 to 2006.  Today, Al-Qaeda in Iraq is more commonly known as ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraqi and Syria.  While stationed in Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Tikrit, Lieutenant Colonel Knowles served with the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) training division for the Iraqi Army (IA), Iraqi Police Service (IPS) and Department of Border Enforcement (BDE).  He served as a Special Operations Civil Affairs: Public Safety Officer under both the 42nd Infantry Division of the New York National Guard and the 101st Infantry Division of the United States Army.  Dr. Knowles is a lecturer of Administration of Justice and Sociology at the University of Hawaii for Honolulu Community College and lectures, investigates, publishes in the areas of criminology, police science, anti-terrorism and counterinsurgency.  Currently he serves as a Military Police: Civil Affairs - Public Safety Officer assigned to the 303rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade at Fort Shafter in Honolulu, Hawaii

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