Small Wars Journal

5/10/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 05/10/2023 - 8:48am

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National Security News Content:

1. 'Gotta be there early': American special ops lessons from Ukraine
2. Sabotage in Russia will increase amid counteroffensive: Ukraine adviser
3. Joint Philippines-US patrols in South China Sea may begin by third quarter: Envoy
4. Ukraine War: US Removes 'Sensitive Tech' From M1 Abrams Tanks Fearing Russia Could Seize One Of Its MBTs
5. Tomorrow’s Hyper-Enabled Special Operator Will Be Less Iron Man, More 007
6. China v America: how Xi Jinping plans to narrow the military gap
7. US busts Russian cyber operation in dozens of countries
8. U.S. Provides Ukraine $1.2 Billion for Air Defense, Artillery
9. Biden Administration Announces Additional Security Assistance for Ukraine
10. Retired NATO commander says the West is afraid of a Ukrainian victory
11. Special ops turn to data, space tech to gain ‘decisive advantage’
12. Disappearing Act: Integrated Training with Air and Ground Forces
13. An Interview With the Prime Minister of Mongolia
14. Can the Russian Opposition Foment Regime Change?
15. SOCOM wants new industry pitches to connect autonomous tech
16. This SOCOM program has cut proposal to prototype timelines by half
17. Battles shake Sudan's capital as power struggle escalates
18. China hones its Global South diplomacy
19. Opinion | Ukraine’s offensive is coming. Keep your expectations in check.
20. Beyond Ukraine’s Offensive
21. How to Spot an Autocrat’s Economic Lies
22. The New Washington Consensus
23. McConnell predicts US aid will flow to Ukraine ‘for a good deal longer’
24. Who was General Mark Milley before he was 'The Chairman'?

Korean News Content:

1. Japan, South Korea to link radar systems to track N.Korea missiles -source
2. Japan and South Korea to link radar systems via U.S. to track North's missiles, report says
3. Questions following the epic success of Yoon's US visit: What about China and Russia?
4. Joint military drills of U.S., S. Korea are defensive in nature: Pentagon spokesperson
5. N. Korea slams S. Korea-Japan summit as leading to 'military collusion'
6. S. Korea-U.S. war plan should factor in N. Korea's possible use of nuclear arms: expert
7. Defector-turned-lawmaker quits Supreme Council over controversial remarks
8. Exclusive: Japan is in talks to open a NATO office as Ukraine war makes world less stable, foreign minister says
9. Diplomats, military attaches gather for live-fire training followed by sales pitch
10. 3 big challenges facing Korea should be solved through education
11. North Korea blamed for hacking Seoul National University Hospital
12.  U.S. welcomes Korea-Japan summit, will work with both allies to promote rule of law: State Dept.
13. What the Washington Declaration means
14. The Forces Behind South Korea’s and Japan’s Thaw
15. NK hackers' message to South investigators in 2021 cyber theft: don't touch
16. Japan, South Korea partnership funds to go to chips, energy
17. Japan, US, S. Korea discuss sharing of N. Korea missile data



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