Small Wars Journal

3/1/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 03/01/2023 - 7:58am

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National Security News Content:

2. FBI Director Says Covid Pandemic Likely Caused by Chinese Lab Leak
3. Treasury Official Travels to Beijing Despite U.S.-China Tensions
4. Putin’s War Rhetoric Rallies Russia’s Border Towns, but Nerves Fray
5. Lawmakers Question Pentagon on Ukraine Funds, Signaling Fresh Doubts
6. Red Balloons and China's Hybrid Warfare Challenge to International Law | SOF News
7. Bipartisan lawmakers warn of China threat at select committee's first hearing
8. China’s Spymasters Can Get More From TikTok Than From Balloons
9. NCOs Key to Ukrainian Military Successes Against Russia
10. The Cyberwar Is Here
11. Thailand, US resume Cobra Gold exercises at full scale
12. It’s not what the spy balloon gathered — it’s what it exposed
13. Our military leaders need a national security ‘fast lane’ to compete with China
14. Why sending more US military troops to Taiwan is so risky
15. CIA’s Supremacy in Global Spy Ring and Hammering Russian Intelligence Since Cold War
16. Taiwan's unofficial diplomacy gains as democracies sour on China
17. GOP-led House steps up scrutiny of Biden’s military aid for Ukraine
18. The Ukrainian Army Is Leveraging Online Influencers. Can the U.S. Military?

Korean News Content:

1. Full text of President Yoon Suk Yeol's speech on 104th March 1 Independence Movement Day
2. U.S., S. Korea agree on need to strengthen extended deterrence: Pentagon
3. Teak Knife exercise confirmed as U.S. reiterates commitment
4. South Korea's Yoon says Japan has transformed into a partner
5. Japan changed from 'aggressor' to 'partner' with shared universal values: President Yoon
6. Kim Jong-un's 3 Children: Everything to Know
7. 2 Koreas split on UN move on Ukraine War
8. Human Rights in North Korea to Stay on UN Security Council Radar
9. 'In North Korea, you exist for Kim family': Elite defectors recollect 'unjust', 'corrupt' Pyongyang life with horror
10. 'Enemy' North Korea: Do labels help?
11.  US, Japan, South Korea Launch Forum to Cut Off Chips to China



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