Small Wars Journal

2/21/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 02/21/2023 - 9:52am

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National Security News Content:


2. Rattled by China, U.S. and allies are beefing up defenses in the Pacific

3. Cloak-and-dagger moves allow Biden to sneak into Ukraine’s war zone

4. Is Pentagon planning up to the job for great power competition?

5. Managing Risk for Special Operations Forces in Large-Scale Combat Operations

6. Putin says Russia will suspend role in New START nuclear accord with U.S.

7. Special Operations News Update - Feb 21, 2023 | SOF News

8. The Persistence of Great-Power Politics

9. The Dollar Still Dominates

10. Biden 'photo op' in Kyiv not enough, US must send more lethal aid: top foreign affairs Republicans

11. China, Russia and the U.S. ‘Red Line’ on Ukraine

12. Taiwan is bolstering military exchanges with U.S., President Tsai says

13. Power-Grid Attacks Surge and Are Likely to Continue, Study Finds

14. AI-wielding tech firms are giving a new shape to modern warfare

15. In Northern Ukraine, a Different Sort of War Game

16. Opinion | They said tanks were obsolete. Now, Ukraine can’t get enough of them.

17. Of Strategy and Schnitzel: Munich Security Conference 2023

18. Biden Just Destroyed Putin’s Last Hope

19. Biden’s Military-First Posture in the East Is a Problem

20. U.S. must field space-based kill capabilities to deter enemies

Korean News Content:

1. U.S. calls for UNSC action against N. Korean missile tests, again to no avail

2. U.S. lawmaker calls for increased missile defense against N. Korean provocation

3. N. Korea threatens ‘tactical nuclear strike’ on Cheongju and Gunsan airbases

4. Get Ready: North Korea Testing ICBMs Is the New Normal

5. N. Korea’s ICBM provocation to alienate S. Korea and U.S.

6. Suspected spies for North refuse to cooperate

7. Waging balloon warfare

8. Here’s What to Watch as North Korea Ratchets Up Nuclear Tensions

9. Potential radiation exposure to North Koreans near test site overlooked: report

10. S.Korea Needs Own Nuclear Arms to Deter N.Korea

11. Remembering Carter’s 1994 Pyongyang peace mission

12. Failure of US North Korea policy is a bipartisan affair - Responsible Statecraft

13. Thefts of farm machinery parts on the rise ahead of spring farming season

14. Researching North Korea online? You could be victim of a malware attack

15. U.S. must field space-based kill capabilities to deter enemies

16. Interview: Siegfried Hecker on two decades of missed chances to deal with North Korea's nuclear program



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